PC Classic ‘Alone in the Dark’ for iPad

Alone in the Dark 4

In 1992, PC games were making serious waves in the industry. They were more complex than console games and offered a level of depth that had not yet been established in the world of pixels. Horror games were also starting to creep into the mainstream. Sure, there weren’t a bunch of zombie dogs ready to attack as you walked through a dark hallway, but they had the kinds of elements that would send a chill down your spine.

Alone in the Dark is a horror video game that first launched on DOS and quickly became a popular title for being the first survival horror game in 3-D. Players find themselves trapped in a haunted mansion, trying to find a way out.

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Direct Your Music with iRing, the First Motion Controller for the iPad


Whoever says you can’t use an iPad as a musical instrument has never heard of the iRing by IK Multimedia. This interesting and unique set of touch less controllers makes it possible for you to mix loops, trigger beats, and set parameters using the special iRing Music Maker app.

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Skylanders Trap Team for iPad


If you’re a fan of Activision’s popular Sklander franchise you’ll be happy to know that you can grab a starter set from Toys ‘R’ Us, connect the portal to your iPad, and go deep into the dragon filled world of adventure.

Skylanders Trap Team is a monster-capture game where players can use a physical Master Trap portal to interact with characters in a digital environment. Connect your Skylander dragon to the portal and see it come to life on your iPad.

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Keep your iPad and iPhone Safe with Apple’s Two-Step Verification Feature

Two-Step Verification 2

With all the hacking scandals going on many readers have been asking how to better secure their favorite Apple device from the prying eyes of hackers.  While security features have been improved inside iOS 8, the best step is to enable Apple’s two-step verification in order to protect devices from future attacks. If you’ve never enabled two-step verification on your iPad, or don’t know what it is, we’ve got a tutorial that will help explain it all and show you what to do.

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How to Turn a Chopstick into an iPad Stylus

DIY Stylus 2

These days, you can get a basic touch screen stylus for practically nothing. However, Apple still doesn’t give them away with new iPhone or iPad devices. So, if you are playing with your new, larger sized iPhone 6, or simply looking for a customize stylus for your iPad, we found a project that will cost practically nothing. In fact, if you have the right materials lying around the house, it won’t cost a dime.

For this DIY stylus by hixair on Instructables, you’ll need four items, a small piece of conductive foam, a bamboo chopstick, threaded copper wire, and crazy glue.

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Here’s How to Block iMessage SPAM on your iPad

How To Block Spammers 4

Have you received any spam messages on your iPad recently? There have been reports of a handful of spam attacks on iOS users’ devices. Wired published an article earlier this month claiming that Apple’s Messages app is “being taken over by spammers.” It turns out it isn’t the apocalypse that Wired made it out to be. However, Messages spam is real. I have not personally experienced the issue as of yet, but I do have friends who have noted the issue to me recently.

While there isn’t much we can do on the user end to stop spammers from bombarding our Messages app, we can at least let Apple know it is happening and block the sender from ever being able to bug us (from that particular ID) ever again.

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NodeBeat HD Helps Turn Anyone into an iPad Musician

NodeBeat 5

Since the existence of computers, developers have been working on ways to make music that is compatible with technology. Combining the digital world with the musical world has opened up many new opportunities. One of them being the ability to create beautiful music without needing to know how to play a single note on an instrument.

NodeBeat HD is one such app that allows users the ability to control and manipulate objects on the screen that will pulse rhythmically and change pitch as you move them around. No music theory necessary.

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Enjoy an 80’s Classic with Rubik’s Cube for iPad


If you miss your classic Rubik’s Cube from the 80’s, why not give the iPad version a twirl. It may not have exactly stood the test of time the way some other toys do, but even younger generations know what that colorful cube is and how hard it is to solve.

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How to Connect Siri with Twitter

How To Siri Twitter 2

Siri used to be somewhat useless as a personal assistant. When she first arrived on the iPhone, she was able to make appointments, call friends, and set reminders, but it has taken a few years for her to get good at her job. Now, Siri can be male or female, can open Google Maps for you, can direct you to buy movie tickets, and has access to your emails messages and can even dictate responses for you.

Siri also has access to Twitter so you can see what is trending or check your friends’ feed without having to open the app. We’ve got a short tutorial for how to access Twitter from your virtual personal assistant.

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Fun iPad Platformer – Rock Runner

Rock Runner Main

The App Store has so many awesome new apps coming out every week, it is nearly impossible to keep track of them all. If you like a cool platformer with excellent graphics and exciting action check out Rock Runners.  This fun game will have you tapping your way through obstacle courses and zooming across the universe.

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