Rube Works Lets You Create Cause-and-Effect Contraptions on your iPad

Ever heard of the Rube Goldberg Machine? It is the concept invented by Rube Goldberg where a complex machine executes a series of events leading to simpler outcomes. An example would be a bell being ringed by a series of events which leads a ball to be thrown at it.

You may have seen such machines (or contraptions as they are more popularly known) on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. Here users create long chain of events that culminate in an action. A very basic example would be a series of domino slabs that fall on each other at a nick. Whereas an example of a longer machine would be the following:

The vibration and ringing of an alarm clock slowly making itself fall from the bedside table on a sheet of rubbery plastic. The ball that was stationary on this sheet jumps up and falls on the face of the person sleeping on the bed. Because the sheet was in a slanting position, helped by a wedge, the ball falls directly on the face and wakes the person up.

As you can imagine, it is fascinating to see such contraptions in action. While real-life contraptions are intricate and take a lot of time to create, now you can enjoy doing it through an app.

Introducing Rube Works

Rube Works is a fun puzzle game by Electric Eggplant where you can create such contraptions on your iPad. The basic idea is to understand how an item works and then use it to create a contraption.
The challenge here is for you to identify how each item works and where it falls in the series of the entire contraption. For example, your task would be to find the connection between a hen and a piece of sponge. They seem distant from each other but that’s what the puzzle is all about.
Rube Works basically plays out in a room where you must connect the items (by testing them) and then connecting them with each other. You win when you successfully complete the link.

Functions of the Game

Rube Works has a bar at the bottom that lists all the items that you can use. Using all of them is not necessary but the more you use to create the machine the more points you earn.

You just need to drag items off the bar and place wherever you feel it belongs in the room. You can utilize a maximum of three hints each item to help you in the process.
Some items may require a connecting strong or rope. You can test this out by trying different combinations. Once you have placed everything in the room, you can test the contraption out. No need to worry if it doesn’t work the first time as you can do unlimited tests.

You win the game when you run the machine and it completes successfully. Upon winning (by getting three out of three stars), you will be rewarded with an illustration of the original machine that Rube Goldberg drew as part of a cartoon.

Quick Review of Rube Works

As it sounds, Rube Works is a fun puzzle to play and spend some free time on. The games are very well-designed and involve charming graphics. Your kids will enjoy playing this game with you on your iPad. One of the best things about it is that is has maintained the design to the core principles of Rube Goldberg’s original drawings.

Fans of cause-and-effect puzzles will dig Rube Works that is available for both iPhone and iPad. It’s a game that requires some technical skills, so make sure you challenge your friends with it. Enjoy today with nine authentic Rube Goldberg Machine puzzles.

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