PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Fiddlewax Pro – One App To Rule Them All

The art of creating music through an app can have endless possibilities. You can take a good look at all the music apps available in the Apple App Store and see for yourself. There’s an app for everything: play a guitar or a virtual drum kit, create sounds of Indian classical instruments, and combine the sounds of a bass guitar with a synthesizer. As we said, the possibilities are endless. But there is a problem.

These are all different apps. And when you have too many apps, finding a sweet spot between and integrating them can be challenging. So, why not combine them all into a single beast of an app?
Well, let us introduce to you Fiddlewax Pro, a smart music app that lets you play a dozen instruments including a keyboard and a guitar. Here’s a quick review of the app that’s all the rage amongst musicians these days.

Overview of Fiddlewax Pro

Other than the ability to play musical instruments, the app can also help you create sound loops, record audio (M4A files, for instance), upload your creations to SoundCloud directly, and even integrate with apps like Audiobus. These features in themselves are enough to make you check out F-Pro but there’s more.

Other instruments include saxophone, xylophone, cello, trumpet, and accordion. You can choose between bass or electric in the guitar and even change the settings of the instruments. For example, if you want broader strokes on your keyboard, you can easily increase the size of the buttons so that they are displayed better on your iPad.

Then there’s the function to tweak the tones and scales of the instrument you are playing. For a professional musician, this ability to tweak will be important. All the more reason to check it out.
But what we love the best in the app is the loop generator where you can toy with five auto-expanding loopers to create and sample music loops. Perfect for the disc jockey who needs a set of short samples for an impromptu do at a friend’s place.

Lastly, the function to record your music as M4A files and upload them online across platforms like SoundCloud and Google Drive tops it all up. There’s a lot that you can do with this music app that comes exclusively for the iPad at just $19.99. Download it now.

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