Man a Virtual Spaceship with Your Friends in Spaceteam – iPad Game Review

Most games have you pressing on the screen, but not Spaceteam, probably the best virtual spaceship game out there for iPad. With Spaceteam, you can combine your shouting and touch-based gaming skills (which you use while playing Counter-Strike with your chums) to enjoy a bout of energetic gaming. Here, you use your collaborative skills to shout certain phrases at your friends to move ahead.

Spaceteam iPad Game Review

The concept of this free iPad game is simple: you and your friends need to occupy a room or at least be together because Spaceteam is meant to be played face-to-face. You will need active Bluetooth (or Wi-Fi) connections to play the game together. Once the game is synced across your devices, you will be to see a panel of ship controls.

Spaceteam allows a maximum of four players and who need to be in the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi range to play. Once you are together with your friends, you just need to start the app and it will automatically connect your friends (provided they are in the same network). Each player will have a different set of spaceship controls with proper labels. The game will start with a tutorial to help you understand what needs to be done.

The process of this spaceship game involves shouting actions at your friends in order to do an operation. For example, if the next step in the game is to pull a lever that’s only available in the panel of player #3, you should tell them to do it. After which the game will move ahead. Here the coordination between your communication and in-game controls is important. You don’t want to miss your friends’ instructions nor do you want them to miss yours. Especially when things move faster.

The end goal of the game is to keep your spaceship from exploding. The more time you manage to keep it alive, the better your chances at winning achievements. But let us tell you, it gets very difficult as you pass levels. And as it does, the experience becomes even more exciting for you and your friends.

It’s fun to even spectate a game of Spaceteam happening with the players shouting technobabble like “Pull air gauge lever!” and “Activate Starflute” to each other to keep the ship from exploding. Every time you play the game, the instructions change and that is where the fun is.

Final Verdict of Spaceteam

Cooperative games are hilarious if you have like-minded friends to play with. And because Spaceteam tends to get difficult as you pass levels, it is intended at older kids.

Extremely enjoyable with a group of friends, it is no doubt one of the most innovative iOS games around. The free app is enough to keep you occupied for weeks without boredom slithering in. However, you will be tempted to try out the expansion levels (for a fee).

Although the graphics are on the low side, it’s not a deal-breaker. Spaceteam still makes for a fun, collaborative gang activity that you can do at the comfort of your home.

Check Spaceteam out today and play with friends and family.

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