Keep The Sour Puss Away From This Hamster Chase – iPad App Review

Looking for a fun little tilt-based arcade game to spend some time on during these self-quarantine days? Then you definitely need to meet this family of cute little hamsters with names like Goldie, Snowflake, Sasha, and Ting-Ting as they chase behind some tasty dinner. Introducing Hamster Chase, an arcade game that will challenge your iPad tilting skills as you guide these fluffy mammals to their goal points to win the game.

Here’s a detailed review of Hamster Chase.

Hamster Chase iPad Game Review

The game is pretty simple to play, especially when you know what the main agenda is. The concept of Hamster Chase is that each hamster has to be guided safely to their respective color-coded bag of seeds. But since every hamster has a specific bag and all of them at the same time, your iPad tilting skills will influence their movement across the labyrinth.

To give you an example, Goldie is only attracted to the gold pile of seeds whereas other hamsters will only go their respective sacks.

The tilting is similar to those ball games where you have to guide the balls across a maze with finesse to reach a specific point. Hamster Chase just replaces the balls with a hamster.

Different Levels of Playing

While the main aim of the game is to make the hamsters reach the sack of seeds, you can play between different levels. While one of the involves preventing the hamsters from falling into traps, another one sees you manoeuvring their path so that all hamsters are able to reach their seeds.
And if you are feeling a little brave, you can even play the level where the goal is to keep the Sour Puss away who is out to trouble the hamsters.

Collect Coins as You Play

Another feature of the game that makes it more competitive (and addictive) is that you can earn coins for completing the maze in less time. If you get through a level in less than 12, 18, and 24 seconds, you earn three, two, or one coins respectively. This is a feature that is available in most games these days but then the time limit keeps changing as you move higher up the levels.

Special Features Section

If you feel like just fooling around with your hamsters, you can even select the Special Features section. Here you can simply tap on the cage of a hamster and let it move around, play with a ball, or just run through tubes. It is great fun to play with them, especially when you know you don’t have to clean up after it. The whole section feels like owning your own family of fluffy hamsters.

Final Verdict

The graphics is something that comes as the highlight of Hamster Chase. The cage, the character of Sour Puss, and the hamsters themselves – they are all so adorable you won’t be able to get enough of them.

The only issue that we have is the difficulty level of the game. As it is intended at kids and not adults, all the levels are fairly easy to pass.

If you are a diehard fan of arcade games, Hamster Chase should definitely be on your wishlist. If you are not sure if you want to spend money on it, you can even try the free version with ads. But if you have kids with whom you can play this, Hamster Chase will be well worth the money. Download it today.

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