Grocery List Making App Buy Me a Pie Gets Updated with New Bump Feature

Many of us are already familiar with Buy Me a Pie, a nifty grocery list making app where you can collaborate with your family members. It is one of those apps that makes grocery making an easy task than a boring chore.

And now the popular app has come up with a new update. A Bump feature that lets you collaborate on grocery lists with friends and family. All you have to do is tap the devices together and begin sharing the lists. This is intended at simplifying the process because oftentimes it is more than one person who decides what all needs to be bought for that month. For example, a couple living together might want to collaborate on their monthly grocery purchase.

Users can create their own list in the app and then use the Bump feature to share their lists. This way they can combine their lists and create a master one which can then be executed.

In addition to the Bump feature, there are several other improvements in Buy Me a Pie. You can manage the grocery lists through iMessage and also print them with better efficiency. All of this for your iPhone and iPad at just $0.99. Check it out today!

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