Dream of Pixels is Like Tetris in Reverse – iPad Game Review

Puzzle games is one of our favourite genres here at PadGadget. So much that we only say good things about all the versions of Tetris out there and even newer games like Cubis Creatures and Slydris. So, when we bumped into Dream of Pixels, we couldn’t leave it unexplored. And guess what? We love it.

Introducing Dream of Pixels, a clever puzzle game that plays out like Tetris on reverse. Instead of filling space with blocks, you are supposed to clear a cloud-filled puzzle board. Sounds interesting? Read more.

Dream of Pixels iPad Game Review

Before we talk about the gameplay, we just want to point out the beautiful graphic and design of Dream of Pixels. It’s rich with colours and animations, and is bound to give you a much-needed break. Playing it on your large iPad screen is definitely going to be an exciting experience.

The game starts with Classic mode where your goal is to pull blocks off the puzzle board and fit them at a better place. You can tap on the blocks to move them around. Since you can only tap on the blocks on the bottom part of the cloud that is slowly being pulled down, you have to be fast with your skills. Since not all blocks can be moved, they tend to touch the bottom of the screen fast. And that’s game over.

As with Tetris, the goal of Dream of Pixels is to play for as long as possible and score points. You can challenge your friends and family to see who scores the highest by maintaining a leader board (of achievements). As and when you score more points, you will automatically unlock other modes such as Pro, Nightmare, and Shattered.

These three modes are similar to the Classic mode with the only difference in how fast the cloud blocks come down. For example, in Nightmare, the speed is increased so you need to be quick with your movements.

There’s also the Puzzle mode where there’s no timer. You can sit back and apply a strategy to clear the cloud in your own sweet time. It also has an undo feature to make the game more interesting.

Final Verdict of Dream of Pixels

There’s a lot going on in Dream of Pixels to keep you occupied as you begin to play it. If you are bored of Tetris and other puzzle games, it is time to explore this inventive game that will keep you occupied for hours.

Download it today from the App Store.

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