Second Life Developer Releases Creatorverse - its First Game for iPad

Some of you may not know who Linden Lab is. But you may have heard of Second Life, the popular adventure game that broke the internet back when it released. And now the lab is back with its first iOS game for iPad: Creatorverse, a 2D game where you are at the centrestage of creativity to build anything you dream of. It’s like SIMS but with a flair of invention and technology.

A creative new game to test your imagination powers, Creatorverse is aimed at creators, designers, and game enthusiasts. Let’s take a deeper look.

Review of Creatorverse

The catchy interface is what you see first in Creatorverse where the goal is not written on stone. As a player, you can build anything – a block of wood, a Rube Goldberg-like contraption, or an art installation that you had been planning to build but where discouraged by the costs.

LEGO and art supplies are what will come to your mind when you first open the game. And then you have to let your creativity take the front seat. Why it works best for iPad is that you can finally put the device’s touchscreen and sensor controls to good use. All of them are utilized well in Creatorverse.

Its simple controls is another highlight, making it a game for all age groups. The Creatorverse Galaxy is a collaborative in-game project where you can share your creations and even download those made by others. Because there are endless possibilities, there is no limit to the type or level of fun you can have with it.

Ever felt like you are wasting time on your iPad but not doing anything productive? Well, Creatorverse is exactly what you are looking for. To put your creators’ block to an end. Download it for iPad today at $4.99 only.

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