Beck & Bo Offers Top Quality Edutainment for Preschoolers – iPad App Review

These are trying times and it looks no one has been able to crack how to keep preschoolers active without resorting to YouTube and other games. But that was before Beck and Bo was around. A cool, interactive pretend play game that includes 12 educational scenes that range from jungle safaris to grocery shopping.

Here’s PadGadget’s quick review of this pretend play game for preschoolers.

Beck and Bo – iPad Game Review

One of the critical elements of a kids’ app is that it has to pique their interest without being too flashy. Beck and Bo nails it perfectly right from the get go with a beautiful splash intro screen. Your kids are bound to get excited as soon as you fire open the app.

The central theme of Beck and Bo is to let kids play around with different icons on a datum board with Beck and Bo as two different characters who act together. For example, a sun icon has to be placed where it belongs. And you can play around with its location till the time you (or your kid) get it right. There are plenty of shapes to play with, enough to keep them occupied for long while you do your work or chores.

Intended at kids in the age group of 2 and 6 years, Beck and Bo also rewards players with stars after completion of each round. But we don’t see why an 8-year-old wouldn’t enjoy it.

Furthermore, the attention to details in this educational game is something that needs to be pointed out. Typically, kids’ games just focus on the superficial stuff, but not Beck and Bo where you have to think a little to move to the next step. For example, you have to manage the traffic lights before Beck and Bo can ride their scooter through the t-section. How great is that?

Such tiny effects and reward-like elements in the game make it much more appealing to kids when compared to YouTube videos. And they also help in keeping them occupied for longer as the 12 scenes are enough to keep a 4-year-old busy for days, and even weeks.

Lastly, the animations and the in-game controls are so cleverly designed that your kids are bound to act on them. It would be rather difficult to get them off the iPad later because it’s too addictive by the time you reach 3rd/4th levels.

Final Verdict of Beck and Bo

It bridges the gap between education and fun, giving parents a reassurance that their kids will learn something as they spend their time on Beck and Bo. The graphics as well as the gameplay all work in its advantage, including the unlimited gameplay of any of the 12 scenes.

There’s no way to control the music and background sounds which we think is an essential feature. You may want to switch off the music but keep the object sounds and narration active. Unfortunately, Beck and Bo doesn’t allow that. It’s all or nothing.

Beck and Bo is available for $2.99 at the Apple Play Store. You can also check out the Lite version.

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