Don’t Miss Upgrade Soul, an Immersive Graphic Novel from the Developer of Strange Rain – iPad App Review

From the house that brought us Strange Rain comes yet another interactive graphic novel called Upgrade Soul that is high on science fiction. It’s one of the pioneers of the digital comics that is all the vogue right now who promises to provide immersive experience with 3D elements, fluid navigation, and background music.

Learn more about Upgrade Soul in this review by PadGadget.

iPad App Review of Upgrade Soul

First the basics: it is a creation of writer and illustrator Ezra Claytan Daniels, musician Alexis Gideon, and developer Erik Loyer who came together to build this graphic novel with a twist. The first chapter of Upgrade Soul is free, following which you have to either buy the package at $6.99 or individual chapters at $1.99 each. If you are like us and mad about science fiction and trying out new tech in reading, you will buy the package immediately.

The graphics are responsive to the type of your iPad. Whether it is retina-enabled or iPad Mini, you can expect to take full advantage of this digital comic.

If you have never experienced a 3D novel before, here’s a sneak peek: you can turn the pages with 3D animations and a glimpse of realistic movements of the characters from inside the comic boxes. The controls are fun to play with as you dive deeper into the superior storytelling and beautiful graphics that come alive in your iPad.

With earphones plugged in, you can heighten your experience by reading it all in one go. If you are sci-fi enthusiast and love reading graphics novels, Upgrade Soul will entertain you. The 3D elements and music are bound to put you off your feet. While we don’t want to spoil your experience about the story, suffice to say that it’s ritzy and a tight thriller. Thankfully, it’s free to try so if you don’t feel like moving ahead, you can always stop.

Final Verdict of Upgrade Soul by PadGadget

One of the highlights of Upgrade Soul is that it puts your iPad’s new tech into use. And when you have something new to experience, you don’t turn your back on it. 10/10 for the 3D animations and background music.

For a hardcore reader, the first chapter may not be enough to hook you in. So, it’s rather difficult to judge if you really want to continue reading, especially because the story is dark. It maybe distressing for young readers.

A mix of interactive graphic novel and a tight sci-fi story. Avid fans should definitely check it out.

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