Improve the Functionality of Your Smart Cover with the Smarter Stand

At PadGadget, we love Kickstarter projects. And one such project that has gotten our attention is the Smarter Stand, an innovative smart tool that improves the performance of an iPad Smart Cover.

The Smarter Stand is a piece of plastic that converts your existing Smart Cover into an ergonomic all-purpose stand. It’s such a simple device that you will wonder why did it not exist already.

Let’s dig more.

Smarter Stand for iPad by Dotan Saguy

The Smarter Stand is invented by product designer Dotan Saguy. It is made up of two clips that are fixed on either side of an iPad Smart Cover or Smart Case, locking any of its folds together. Using these clips, you can achieve five different positions, all of which are suitable for:

  • Gaming
  • Watching videos with family/friends
  • Working (with an attached keyboard and mouse)
  • Reading news or browsing social media

It’s a very helpful tool if you are someone who spends most of your time on your iPad.

There’s no need to prop your iPad on a jar or the wall and then see it fall down on the table with a bang. With the Smarter Stand clips, you can simply prop your iPad in whatever position you want.
And the best part is that the clips do not meddle with the form of your iPad. When shut, they stay out of the way, making your iPad a little better than it originally was.

The Kickstarter project is already funded, so you can get the clips right away by pledging $12 or more. Get it today!

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