Apple’s iPhone and iPad Crush Android in Web Browsing

Apple has always been the top manufacturer when it comes to mobile browsing (ease and convenience) recent reports suggest that it has outranked itself. According to a report on Net Applications, Apple’s mobile dominance reached a new height in June 2012.

The report specified that around 65 percent of the total mobile browsing share of the world, based on data from 40,000 client sites, is enjoyed by Apple devices like iPad and iPhone. This is an increase of around 4% compared to the previous month. Android, its main rival, got around 19% of the remaining pie. This despite it having more phones running its operating system.

Java ME, BlackBerry, and Symbian received the rest of the share of users browsing through mobile.
Although these numbers aren’t much different than how it was in 2011, they clearly attribute to Apple’s continuous dominance in the mobile web browsing field.

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