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Bright Bright for iPad – App Review

Go retro with the new iPad app from Arik Devens called Bright Bright – Draw with glowing light pegs.  When I was a kid, I could spend hours punching little colorful pegs into the black holes on my Lite Brite and create all sorts of wonderful pictures.  I must also admit, I’ve never purchased one for my own kids because the little pegs were just one more thing to add to the clutter of Polly Pockets, Barbie accessories and any mixture of small toy pieces. Enter Bright Bright , the easy-to-use digital version of colorful pegs and creative pictures I’m happy for my kids to use.

The Bright Bright screen includes a black “peg board” with a variety of tools laid out across the top.  Users have access to 7 peg color choices, different picture stencils, a light switch and more.  Kids can create pictures using pre-made stencils or design original pieces of art. Once their finished, flip the light switch on and watch the pictures glow.  Add an interesting effect with the Color Wave feature and watch the colors of your work change before your eyes.

It’ll take a little while to complete a stencil but don’t worry if you’re not able to finish your project in one sitting, using the Save and Load features lets you go back to your work anytime.  Then show off your favorite pictures by saving them to photos or emailing them to grandma.

Brighten Bedtime with Pajanimals: Light in the Sky – iPad App Review

Now that my kids are in school full time we don’t watch shows aimed at the pre-school set. That, along with my cable company’s decision not to carry PBS Kids’ Sprout programming, meant that Pajanimals: Light in the Sky was my first exposure to the four Muppet-like animals — CowBella, Apollo, Sweetpea Sue, and Squacky — who star in this playful bedtime story.

Light in the Sky felt like a full-fledged TV show in app form, with interactive playtime interspersed throughout the story.

Apple Delivers Sales Numbers, Future’s So Bright

Photo Courtesy of EnGadget

Apple has just released sales information for the most recent financial quarter for its mobile products. It looks like the iPad is the company’s darling for another year running.

Kids Will Love the Bright Colors and Fun Gameplay in Blockolicious – iPad Game Review

Blockolicious is a match-three game with bright, colorful graphics, cute characters, and fun, simple gameplay.

The goal in this game is to match up three or more of the same colored fruit blocks, while creating power ups through gameplay. Matching up three blocks creates a juice block.

If you can manage to create multiple juice blocks, and remove them from the board, you will get a fruit bomb, which can be used to remove all blocks of the same color. The trick is that juice blocks only last for a short amount of time, so you’ve got to move quick in this game.

It’s A Small World Brightens Winter’s Dark Days — iPad App Review

It’s A Small World, Disney’s latest universal app, recreates the feel of a visit to the Disney World attraction.

This colorful kids’ application uses the lyrics to Robert and Richard Sherman‘s popular song as the basis for a journey that is part amusement park ride and part picture book.

Amazon Wants to Make Your Season Bright with a Discount for Using Their App

In an effort to win your business, Amazon will be offering five percent off on up to three qualifying products in eligible categories when using Price Check by Amazon on December 10. Grab your mobile device and head for the nearest department store for Price Check Saturday.

To participate in this big sale, users must download Price Check by Amazon, or update to the latest version if it is already in your device.

Bright House Networks Releases iPad TV App

Bright House TVOnce upon a time we were all shopping for bigger and better television sets to fill our living rooms and family rooms. We were cramming huge screens into our bedrooms and even finding a reason to put them into our kitchens.

Now, we turn to our iPads as much as anything to watch our favorite television shows and movies. And while I suspect most of you still turn to your huge television when you want to watch something as a family I think this change is indicative of our busier-than-ever lives and how we like to cram in a little entertainment on the go. (or if you are like me, you catch up on your much-loved television shows while you are in the waiting room at your daughter’s ballet class)

ZooGue iPad Case Just Got Brighter

Still looking for iPad cases? You might want to check out ZooGue’s iPad cases, which just announced additional colors that enhance the appearance of its fully adjustable design.

The ZooGue iPad Case Genius offers several colors that will bring a new look to your iPad.

Fun Styles & Bright Colors

Prediction:  Many college students will choose to leave their bulkier laptops in their rooms and opt for a thinner lighter weight iPad come this fall.

If that prediction does in fact come true, students will undoubtedly want a case to protect their iPad that expresses their own unique style.  Vigoworld might have just what they will be looking for – fun, brightly colored cases in several different styles.

Vigoworld, already in the marketplace providing a variety of cases for laptops, netbooks and phones, will offer nine different cases and one screen protector for the iPad.  The cases currently shown on their site range from a bright pink knitted sleeve to the more conservative leather.  With several different designs and materials to choose from, students (or anyone else in the market for an iPad case), should be able to find the perfect item to express themselves.

Fun Bright Cases from M-Edge

There’s no doubt accessory companies began designing all types of items for the iPad as soon as it was announced in January.  M-Edge is one of the few that will offer fun brightly colored cases pretty enough for a woman to carry.  Whether you need a case to use for work (Executive Jacket) or a bag to use for fun (Hip Bag), M-Edge has a case for you.  Their cases are made of everything from leather, to canvas, to nylon and each one is lined with a soft grey fabric to protect the screen.

Check out the full selection of cases and bags, along with detailed descriptions, at the M-Edge website.

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