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Boingo Wi-Finder for iOS Adds Data Usage Tracking

If you’re unfamiliar with the Boingo Wi-Finder, from Boingo Wireless, it is an app that allows you to search for Wi-Fi hotspots that are located nearby. Boingo Wireless is a company that provides a network of more than 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots.

Boingo Wi-Finder has been around for quite some time, and today the company updated its app, adding detailed data usage tracking tools.

Boingo WiFi App Hits iPad

We reported recently about Boingo Wireless app for the iPad. A few of our readers contacted us to confirm the report was true. Some of you had reach out to Boingo and were told that the normal $9.95 per month rate would NOT include the iPad. That it would require an additional $7.95 to use the monthly plan on the iPad and a laptop.

We wanted to provide a quick update to all of you on Boingo’s plans. Typically, users sign up for Boingo Wireless by subscription, in other words, you give them money each month in exchange for hotspot access. Now, with the new Boingo Wi-Fi Credit app for the iTunes App Store everything changes and brings you more flexibility. Owners of iPhones, iPod touch, and the upcoming iPad can buy credits in $1.99 increments good for 60 minutes at Boingo hotspots. The app itself is free, and so is your first credit.

Boingo’s Airport WiFi Ready and Waiting for iPad

Good news for all of you travelers or just simply people on-the-go. Boingo is ready and awaiting the iPad launch on April 3rd. This is another reason to pre-order your iPad since you’ll be able to do more with it than simply read the newspaper. No matter which model you buy —3G and WiFi or just WiFi—with Boingo’s WiFi service you’ll be able to access Boingo hotspots, which you’ll find across many airports and various chains around the world.

Another interesting thing is that Boingo plans to offer the same service many of you may be accustomed to via your laptops. In addition, they plan to offer their wireless in 1-hour segments. This is the perfect way to cater to everyone around that daunting airport terminal. One thing is for sure, your iPad will bring you lots of fun and now with the wireless in 1-hour segment you get to enjoy your new toy and pay for wireless access for a reasonable amount of time.

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Google Offers Free Nationwide WiFi But iOS Users Aren’t Welcome

BoingoDo you remember when you were a kid and you un-invited people to your birthday party (that was 8 months away) because you were annoyed with them?

Well Boingo is offering a free Wi-Fi service to consumers with over 4,000 hotspots across the United States in collaboration with Google Play –but iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry users aren’t invited (though you can hop on their network if you are running OS X or a Windows-based computer).

iPad and iPhone Dominate Airport WiFi Usage


Boingo Wireless, Inc. has released their most recent Wi-Fi Snapshot detailing the trends they have identified among their hundreds of thousands of hotspots, including over 60 managed networks located in airports.