Consumers Complain that iPhone 5s Bends in Pocket

As some of you may have already heard, there has been growing online chatter about the ‘bendable quality’ of iPhone 5s. Now, a lot of users have reported this in France and elsewhere in the world but these reports have not yet been unsubstantiated. Sources close to Apple say that this is not a likely event. Let’s take a closer look.

The Breaking of the Report about iPhone 5s Bending

First reported by Cult of Mac, the following news story quickly gathered momentum in the Twitterati. It looks like a wicked incident where the iPhones are either coming from the factory in a reduced state (that is being them) or users are just putting a lot of pressure on their phones. The case of iPhone 5s is similar to that of iPhone 5 the original model, but none of the events were verified.

As per the report, it could either be a heating issue or a structural issue. But the question is: why are users not reporting these preliminary issues and directly reporting about the bending? There certainly seems to be something amiss. It could be a move to question the authority of Apple as a manufacturer.

To conclude, if there really is a problem, Apple should address it and initiate an investigation. However, to quell your fears, we haven’t experienced the issue with our sets yet.

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