Wallee Connect Integrates iPad into Photographer and Filmmaker’s Workflow

Tether Tools’ new iPad accessory, the Wallee Connect, is the perfect companion for all photographers and filmmakers. With the Wallee Connect, an iPad (or an iPad 2) can be connected to any available tripod or stand commonly used in the film and photo industries.

The Wallee Connect is part of a wide variety of tools available for the iPad, all designed by Tether Tools to make iPads more accessible in every aspect of our lives. The collection ranges from stands and cases to wall mounts, and now an iPad can even attach to professional film and photo equipment.

A bracket system connects the Wallee Connect to a suitable tripod or stand, with a locking X mechanism on one side and receptors for mounting on the other side. The receptors include a 1/4” tripod head, a 3/8” tripod mount, a 5/8” pin for light stands and clamps and Arca-style connectivity for Arca-style mounting systems.

That may sound complicated, but attaching the Wallee Connect is as simple as connecting the bracket at any position on your tripod, while your iPad slips into the Wallee Case (included). The X on the case attaches to the X on the bracket, and a 45 degree rotate ensures that your iPad is locked into place. A 90 degree rotate also allows you to easily switch from landscape to portrait mode and back again without removing the bracket.

The Wallee Connect is made from lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum, ensuring that it won’t add much extra bulk to your tripod, and a fashionable non-reflective black finish will keep it from being distracting.

If you’re a photographer or filmmaker that would like to incorporate an iPad into your workflow, the Wallee Connect is a must have accessory. For more information, or to purchase the Wallee Connect, visit the Tether Tools website. The Wallee Connect currently retails for $119.90, and the price includes both the Wallee Case and the Wallee Connect tool.