Geom-E-Tree is the Perfect Blend of Math, Art, and Nature

Geom-E-Tree is a geometric creation app that allows you to form an infinite number of different fractal-style trees using just your fingertips. It’s engaging, immersive, and tons of fun.

There’s no shortage of fractal-based line manipulation apps in the App Store, but none are quite as beautiful as Geom-E-Tree, which is an amazing blend of nature and technology.

The app opens with a simple line-art tree. Using simple gestures, you can manipulate the tree into an endless number of gorgeous, kaleidoscope style designs. Dragging a single finger on the screen will change the angle between branches, tapping with two to five fingers will change the number of branch nodes, and pinch gestures will change the length of the branches.

These three tree manipulations can be used to create hundreds of thousands of designs, from sparse trees to lush geometric trees to cluttered designs that don’t look like trees at all.

It’s important to use slow, calm gestures when playing with the app. It responds best to minute changes rather than erratic tapping and swiping. Because of this, it’s a nice, relaxing app to play with while winding down from a stressful day, for entertainment before bed, or for any time that you need a a soothing, meditative experience.

In addition to shape, you can also change the color, size, and style of the lines that the app uses. There are 20 themes, ranging from complex to basic, in all different colors. Complex themes use a lot of lines and color, making them best for newer devices.

Even on my iPad 2, Geom-E-Tree lagged at times when dealing with these themes. The more basic themes use fewer lines, but definitely don’t lack for style. The simple black and white Magpie theme and the even simpler popsicle stick theme were some of my favorites.

Your gorgeous arboreal creations can be saved within the app’s arboretum, or gallery. Trees in the arboretum can be called up at any time to be opened again and further manipulated, and some trees even come pre-made, to show you what the app is capable of.

At the save screen, trees can be saved to your Photo Album or sent to friends, family, and fellow tree lovers via email. Emailing a tree will tell the recipient about the app, and will include information about the theme, the angles, the common ratio, and the number of branches at every node.

What I liked: With many geometric creation apps similar to this one, I tend to get bored after a few minutes. I was pleasantly surprised that I found myself investing more time with Geom-E-Tree, thanks to the slow manipulations and the wide variety of shapes that could be created. There was just something special about the overall tree form and the combination of math and art that was exceptionally appealing to me.

What I didn’t like: I would like to have access to higher resolution tree images.

To buy or not to buy: Geom-E-Tree is visually and creatively immersive, making it perfect for artists, designers, geometry lovers, or anyone interested in the aforementioned concepts. With gorgeous line art and endless options, this is a great app for anyone interested in exploring their creativity.
App Name: Geom-E-Tree
Version Reviewed: 1.2
Category: Entertainment
Developer: John Miller
Price: $1.99

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