Create Works of Art with JixiPix Apps (Pt.1) – PadGadget iPad Photography Series

Sometimes, when editing photos, it’s better to have a single app that performs one function extremely well rather than an app that does several things moderately well.

In a two part series, I will be demonstrating six apps from Jixipix that each specialize in performing a single effect in a multitude of ways. Each of these apps from Jixipix focuses on one function, but they all turn out gorgeous, unique photos.

These apps are solely for filter application, and do not have tools for rotating, cropping, and resizing, so you will need another editing app if you need those features. However, these filter apps are perfectly done and will give you some professional level effects to add to your photos. All of these apps come with a ton of presets, plus the ability to create and save your own. They also all export in high resolution mode to produce beautiful, printable works of art. First up is Romantic Photo HD, Vintage Scene HD, and Grungetastic HD.

Romantic Photo HD

Romantic Photo HD uses special lighting and design filters to create a dreamy, romantic look that can be applied to any photo. I loved it for landscape scenes, but it’s also great for some portraits. There are over 30 different romantic filters to apply, plus overlays, and each one can be further adjusted to suit your needs. Photo effects available range from the subtle to the dramatic. A dice button at the top lets you try out randomized filters, and a tap of the original button lets you quickly see the changes that have been made to your photos. Photos can be saved, emailed, or uploaded to Facebook. Romantic Photo HD is available in the App Store for $3.99.

Vintage Scene HD
Vintage Scene HD allows you to age your photos, to make them look retro. This photo filter is dramatic and if I printed the photos made with this app, they would indeed look very old. This app uses a unique algorithm to combine several effects: sepia tone, grain, vignetting, distressed paper, and fading to brighten black and darken white. There are over 70 preset filters, and adjustments are available for each image. You can control image age, paper age, fade out, image strength, and texture strength. There are also tons of texture and border overlays that can be applied to images, allowing for thousands of unique combinations. Random combinations are available, and your images can be saved, emailed, or uploaded to Facebook. 

Vintage Scene HD is available in the App Store for $3.99.

Grungetastic HD

Grungetastic HD creates distressed and distorted images that messy, scruffy works of art. There are three styles – pop grunge, bleach grunge, and grunge, plus over 40 presets. Each setting can be further adjusted for tone, threshold, colors, and smoothing. There are also tons of grunge overlays and borders that can be applied to each photo, for thousands of combinations. A random button will show you settings you never dreamed of, and creations can be saved, emailed, and uploaded to Facebook. 

Grungetastic HD is available in the App Store for $1.99.

These apps are very specific, but they all produce some truly amazing images. They are great for experimenting with your photos to create new looks, and you could play with these apps for days without seeing all of the available combinations. It’s also fun to create a photo using one of the apps and import it into another for even more features. Make sure to check out my next post for the second half of Jixipix’s photo manipulation apps (the art series).

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