Great Little War Game HD – iPad Game Review

As promised, we have spent some time playing Great Little War Game HD and it delivers on everything it advertises! A relative newcomer to the turned-based strategy RPG app market, this game offers fantastic game-play and will have you glued to your device!
The premise of the game is simple: your army is pitted against the enemy on a variety of courses and terrains (including temperate, jungle, desert and arctic). You have a variety of tricks up your sleeve to defeat the enemy including strategic positioning and snipers. The initial mission is very simple and designed to help you get the hang of the game, subsequent missions are more and more difficult, requiring a lot more strategy to conquer.
Every type of unit has its own attack range and movement style. There are realistic elements to the game as well, for instance units move more slowly when going through water. If you want to move your unit into a bunker, there are specific places to make this move. No detail was spared, and as I play I just keep discovering more and more.
The graphics are what make this game truly special. While they are cartoon-ish, they are fully 3D and animated (your troops are flown in by helicopter!) and provide as much entertainment as the game-play itself. It may sound unusual, but the soldiers are truly adorable and while there is violence –it leaves out the unnecessary gore. There is no end to the sophistication either, as I played the game it actually began to rain on my troops!
The game settings allow you to customize your game-play, selecting whether to show the mission intros (entertaining and well done, so I suggest leaving them on), and adjusting whether to view animations and how loud to keep the sound effects and background music. To add yet another layer of entertainment to your game, you can choose to purchase Voice Packs (Vocal Yokels, Vive la France, Mexicanos, Wunderbar and The Brits are coming!) via an in-app purchase found in the settings menu as well.
With the game paused you can review your objectives, as well as get pro tips on how to proceed. Not to worry about spoilers though, they really just are guidance style tips and not really cheating. You can also surrender, but I can virtually guarantee you won’t want to do that!
What I liked: I love that the HD version is universal, providing you with proper displays on your iPad and iPhone including Retina support. For those of us who game between devices that is a nice feature.
What I didn’t like: At the moment I am most upset that I have other things I have to do today and I can’t solely play this game for the next several hours.
To buy or not to buy: I am thrilled with this game. It is fun to play and the game-play is challenging and entertaining. You will not get bored with this game. It is a must download for your iPad.

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