Apple iPhone and iPad See Increase in Mobile Ad Impressions

While Android has recently been taking a larger chunk of ad impressions across Millennial Media’s network, Apple’s iOS device ecosystem saw the largest month-over-month growth this past month. According to Millennial Media’s January report, iOS outpaced all other mobile operating systems and experienced a 47% increase month-over-month. Google’s Android OS saw a 32% jump in ad impressions served, the second largest growth among mobile OSs.

In Millennial Media’s report, Apple devices continued to hold three of the top 10 mobile device spots with the iPhone once again leading the pack. The iPhone held 15% of the ad impression market share, a slight increase over the previous month. Apple’s iPod Touch was able to regain the number two spot with just over 8% of all ads served on Millennial’s network. HTC’s Nexus One edged out the Blackberry Curve to earn the third spot with 7.8% of all ad impressions.

Among mobile device makers, Apple continues to lead with over a quarter of all ads served. HTC and Samsung were the big winners this past month, the two Asian manufacturers unseated Motorola and RIM from the number two and three spots in Millennial Media’s January report.

While Apple was able to maintain the top spot among device manufacturers, Android continues to make its way on to more mobile devices. Over 50% of the phones on Millenial’s Top 30 mobile devices list run Google’s Android OS. Android devices made up 54% of all ad impressions on Millenial’s network versus a total of 28% for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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