Turn Your iPad Into a Portable Prize Wheel With iPrizeWheel HD – iPad App Review

Every so often I have the opportunity to evaluate an app that makes me say ‘now that is a really cool use for the iPad!’ iPrizeWheel HD is one of those apps. Perfect for giving away prizes, but with a little imagination could be used for other purposes as well –need to assign tasks by lottery? make decisions by choosing from selections at random?

The basic edition allows you to manage a single campaign with 16 panels. It is perfectly functional as a prize-wheel and offers very basic functionality.

An in-app purchase allows you to upgrade your iPrizeWheel HD to the premium version, which really allows this app to shine. This enhanced version offers several significant advantages, including:
  • manage unlimited campaigns
  • configure a larger, 24 panel wheel with more color configuration options
  • considerable customization including the ability to add your own logo
  • enable optional data collection tools, allowing you to save and export details such as the users who spin the wheel and the number of prizes awarded in your campaign (the developer has advised that an update to this feature is currently being developed that will enable you to customize your data collection form)
  • clone existing campaigns with a single click to copy
If you require a larger wheel than your iPad can offer, the app cleverly suggests hooking your iPad up via HDMI (wired or wireless) to a television or monitor to mirror your screen and make it easier for a crowd to view.

What I liked: The sound effects are a very nice touch. As silly as it may sound, the gentle ‘click click click’ of the spinning prize wheel is a very satisfying sound and I think it really lends authenticity and entertainment value to the functionality of this app.

What I didn’t like: The app runs entirely in landscape mode, even for configuration. While I appreciate the need for this orientation for the actual spinning of the wheel, I far prefer using my iPad in portrait mode as much as possible.

To buy or not to buy: While the basic version of this app is perfectly functional, there are considerable advantages and differences if you upgrade to the premium version. After playing with both, I think the basic version may be overpriced and could be a free or at least a less expensive app –but the upgrade to premium is a fantastic value for anybody requiring the services of a prize wheel and could be a valuable marketing tool.
App Name: iPrizeWheel HD Version Reviewed: 1.1
Category: Productivity
Developer: NewReleaseTuesday.com
Price: $4.99

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