Cocoon Innovations Bags for the iPad

Cocoon Innovations offers two more bags to add to the ever increasing list of companies designing bags for the iPad. Released in April, The Harlem and The Gramercy bags provide both a functional and stylish option for not only your iPad but all your belongings.

“Cocoon takes organization to the next level, not only providing a stylish case for gear but also innovating the design to incorporate organization options for other tech accessories and personal items carried everyday,” says Philip Petracca VP of Product Development at Cocoon Innovations.

The Gramercy is a lightweight messenger sling with an adjustable shoulder strap.  This vertically designed bag has a see-through front pocket which allows users to access the touch screen on their iPod, iPhone or other device.  The Harlem is Cocoon Innovations’ modern version of the “fanny pack” meant to be worn across your bag. It’s also water resistant making it an ideal choice for the pool or beach.

Both bags are available in four color choices:  Black with Burst Yellow interior, Gun Gray with Orange interior, and Racing Red with Java Brown interior.

With innovative designs, great storage and multiple color choices, you’re sure to find a Cocoon bag that’s right for you.

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  • Phil Garcia

    Yes, Cocoon Innovations makes good iPad bags. You can stuff a lot of other things as well inside the bag.

  • Michael Braun

    Did Cocoon send you the products for testing, or did you buy them and love them that much? This post reads like a press release.

    The FTC has issued regulations about this:

    • Bill

      Michael – The Cocoon piece is a news story, based on Cocoon’s recent announcement of new iPad bags, and not a review. We mark all of our reviews with “Review” in the title and we give the product a rating. We also do shorter “First Look” pieces when we get a new product or app but don’t do a full review.

      We do not accept payment for any posting or reviews on PadGadget so all the news and reviews are on topics that we think our readers would be interested in hearing. We fully support the FTC guidelines and have had our disclosure policy posted from the day we launched PadGadget. We think it is important that our readers understand how we operate and that all of our posts are fully independent.

      Thanks for your comment and for reading PadGadget!

  • Michael Braun

    Thanks for the clarification, Bill!

    If you do get a chance to review Cocoon bags, I would be very interested. Especially from the persecutive of whether or not their small bags are suitable for men as well as women. :-)

  • Cristi


    We hope to get some bags and do a review soon. We will definitely remember your comment about whether the bags are good for men and women. That’s a great point!