Firetide Wireless Infrastructure Enables High School to Implement Campus-Wide iPad Learning

With the help of Firetide, a company described as the leading wireless infrastructure in the industry, Archbishop McCarthy High School in Florida has made the switch to campus-wide iPad-based learning.

By providing a secure, reliable and affordable wireless infrastructure, Firetide has helped the 1,500 student school to adopt a new educational process that is more motivational for students while giving teachers the opportunity to provide a more personal and structured level of instruction that is more helpful for long-term goal reaching.

In a statement given by Richard Jean, Archbishop McCarthy High School principal, he describes the project:

“With Firetide’s help, we are renovating old-fashioned 19th century teaching methods to meet the needs of today’s 21st century kids that have been raised with technology since day one. The Firetide wireless infrastructure lets our students use the iPad anywhere in the school at any time which is transforming everything we know about teaching and flipping traditional schooling upside down.”

The partnership with Firetide was chosen after evaluating what could be offered by several vendors, with all others falling short. The school wanted to ensure that students would not be fighting to maintain connectivity and data transfer speeds during their lessons but also to be certain the network could support all other wireless infrastructure needs at once (such as their video surveillance system).

Beyond being a customizable educational solution, with tailoring available for each student, it is also a cost-saving measure as well. Where textbooks used to cost hundreds of dollars per year, now they can be provided for as little as $14.99 per title. Add to this the potential for collaboration and increased communication and the iPad seems like a sure-win in the educational field.

This move and others like it show that Apple has it’s fingers on the pulse of the educational community, opening up an even larger market that they have the potential to dominate.

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