TumbleOn Brings Tumblr to the iPad

TumbleOn for Tumblr is a streaming image viewer for Tumblr, the Internet’s favorite virtual watercooler. Though it’s arguable that it exists solely for sharing cat photos and perpetuating goofy Internet memes, Tumblr is all about sharing the stuff that the Web is made of: photos, videos, quotes, audio.

Unfortunately Tumblr has only a poorly-designed iOS app that still doesn’t run natively for the iPad. That is where TumbleOn comes in. TumbleOn displays a user’s Tumblr dashboard, favorites, blog, and more, taking full advantage of the iPad’s larger screen size and high resolution.

Users can reblog, like, bookmark, or comment on the images as they wish. The app also allows users to share images outside of Tumblr via email or by saving the image to the iPad’s camera roll. The app also lets the user open Tumblr in Safari on the iPad at any time.

Viewing TumbleOn’s stream created a new way to look at Tumblr images and see the accidental relationship between them. This shot of my dashboard looks like an intentional collage, but it was completely impromptu.

It’s not even necessary to have a Tumblr account to use TumbleOn. The app includes a stream of its own curated picks, which is a great place for a Tumblr newcomer to get started. Users can also browse the feeds they follow or those of their followers independently from the dashboard feed. Forget to bookmark something? Just check the app’s history feed.

Download TumbleOn for Tumblr for iPad from the App Store for $1.99.

What I liked: I loved being able to view Tumblr natively on my iPad.

What I didn’t like: The UI was a bit convoluted. For example, tapping on the “analyze” button directs the user to find the “analyze reblog” button, which is an entirely different section of the app that took me several tries to find.

To buy or not to buy: Any Tumblr addict will want TumbleOn. Just keep in mind that TumbleOn is only for images so videos, audio, and posts with all text or HTML will not appear.
App Name: TumbleOn for Tumblr
Version Reviewed: 2.0.2
Category: Social Networking
Developer: Pocket Sized Giraffe
Price: $1.99

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