ClamCase’s Newest Star Wars-Inspired iPad Case Goes On Sale Monday

The popular iPad case maker ClamCase is about to unload an amazing new case. This Monday, you will be able to get your hands on the first in the company’s Inspired Series: The Trooper.

Inspired by Star Wars, The Trooper sports a beautiful, “Imperial white” protective case with “intergalactic-contrasting” black hinges, keyboard and rubber feet. It is designed like the company’s most current ClamCase with a hard polycarbonate shell, protective rubber feet and soft pad that hold your iPad in place.

The ClamCase is a high-quality protective case that acts like a laptop while still offering you the tablet capabilities you want. The case integrates a fully-functioning QWERTY keyboard that is Bluetooth enabled. Your iPad sits in the protective top-side of the case and has a 360 degree rotation so that you can view the screen facing forward or backward. If you are not utilizing the built-in keyboard, you can easily hide it behind the iPad and hold your device like a tablet. With so many features, it is no wonder that the ClamCase is one of the best iPad keyboard cases out there.

The Trooper officially goes on sale Monday and will set you back $149 plus tax, but don’t wait. There is a limited supply of the Star Wars themed beauties and they will be out of stock before you can say, “Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?”

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