Great New Reading Apps For Learning Disabled

It’s been known for some time now, especially after iTunes included a special education category on the featured page, that the iPad helps kids with learning disabilities and other special needs. The touch tablet technology has opened the door to many possibilities for doctors, scientists, teachers and parents. New developments are coming out all of the time that help special needs kids and their parents on their journey together.
Many apps that help special needs kids focus on learning disabilities. Organizations have developed various readers to help children with a large variety of reading specific disabilities, such as dyslexia and language processing disorders. There are audio book, spelling apps, e-reading books and much more.
One such developer, Brain Integration LLC, has come up with a brilliant way to help children with learning disabilities, slow readers, resistant reader, and even young readers experience the joy of reading Gulliver’s Travels and learning about Greek Mythology.
These e-readers are a perfect source to help unlock your child’s reading potential. While they are geared toward helping children with learning disabilities, they are far from being exclusively for that area of education. The books are beautifully illustrated and engaging to read. Young readers will be able to increase their own vocabulary with Gulliver’s Travels and become knowledgeable about Greek Mythology with Greek Myths.
Each book has over thirty originally illustrated images to visually stimulate the reader. The books are audio-based and read aloud by a narrator. Each word on the page is highlighted while it is being clearly spoken by the narrator so that children can read along. The book is not read too slowly as to dumb things down, but it is just slow enough for the reader to keep pace. Each page allows the reader to turn off or on certain features. If the reader does not want the book to be read, or does not want the words to be highlighted, those options can be removed and added back as desired.
eReading: Gulliver’s Travels, Lilliput takes the first part of the classic tale of adventure by Jonathan Swift, abridges it and rewords it for modern English, thereby allowing readers to get the story without becoming frustrated with the difficulties of reading the more complicated, original version.
eReading: Greek Myths is an original story that compiles the story of Theseus, The Minotaur, and Icarus, into one book. While the names and places of Greek mythology can be hard to pronounce, the narrator speaks clearly and slowly, helping the reader to learn the complicated words.
Both eReading apps are available for the iPhone and iPad universally. They work much better on the iPad, though because they are viewed on the larger screen. They are both only $1.99, a great price when you think about how much special education tools cost these days.

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