Apple Leaks Approved iPad Apps

PadGadget did some digging in the iTunes database last night and it looks like Apple has already approved and listed several iPad apps in the App Store. You won’t find any of these iPad titles using your standard iTunes browser, you need to use Apple’s more recent web interface to find the new titles mixed in with the thousands of regular iPhone and Touch titles.

We did a quick scan and were able to find several titles clearly marked as “HD”, a common label developers are now using to indicate an iPad specific version of their app. HD is not a universal title for iPad apps, some developers are instead choosing “XL” to denote their iPad version or simply creating a universal build so that both the iPhone and iPad versions are contained in a single app. There are probably many more titles in the database that have been approved by Apple for the iPad that we haven’t yet stumbled upon. Some of the tiles we found are:

  • Ammoin HD
  • Azkend HD
  • Flight Control HD
  • Grind HD
  • HD Recovery
  • Labyrinth 2 HD
  • NBA Hotshot HD
  • Numba HD
  • Plants vs. Zombie HD
  • Sparkle HD
  • Worms HD

Although the new HD titles appear on the iTunes web site, if you click on any of the links you simply get an error stating “the item you’ve requested is not currently available in the US store.”

We’re sure this is a simple slip on Apple’s part and don’t know how much longer you’ll be able to browse the catalog to see upcoming iPad apps. The good news is Apple already has several iPad apps approved and is stocking the store shelves in anticipation of the iPad’s April 3rd release date.

UPDATE: Apple has corrected the iTunes Preview site and HD iPad titles are no longer listed.

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