Tengami Brings Pop-Up Adventure Books to the iPad

thumbs_tengami_mountain_pagodaHow can a flat surface be turned into a pop-up book? Well, you may not be able to actually make objects protrude from your iPad’s screen, but Tengami will make you feel like you are reading a beautifully crafted pop-up book, complete with movable tags and all.

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Education Update: Scholarly Research Involving iPads Surges in 2014


If you perform a basic Google search using terms such as ‘iPad’ and ‘education’ you will find that most of the results come from blogs and news sites. The success of iPads in schools is still highly anecdotal and often unconfirmed, but that is changing as more researchers and educators publish their findings in scholarly journals, which undergo peer review and a raised level of scrutiny. I spent the last few days tracking articles published through Elsevier’s various journals as listed on ScienceDirect.com, and it is clear that the iPad is on track to be the focus of more articles in 2014 than any year previously.

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Next Generation iPad Could Use Smart Magnets to Connect Accessories

Smart Magnet Patent 3By the time the second-generation iPad came out, Apple had figured out a way to introduce a cover that would protect your tablet without needing snaps or zippers, and would also trigger the Sleep/Wake function on the tablet. The simple solution involved magnets. Apple added magnets to the iPad so that accessories could be attached to it without needing any kind of additional connector. Today, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved a patent for Apple that would make it possible to connect even more accessories using “smart” magnets.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Best of Apple’s Apps For Learning Music Category

Apps for Learning MusicApple recently added a page to iTunes that highlights a few dozen apps for learning how to play music. There is a category for virtual instruments, reading and composing music, music theory, and tools for musicians. Since we’ve been writing a column about apps and accessories for musicians for more than a year now, we thought we’d put in our two cents for which of Apple’s favorites stand out as the best in each category.

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Intel CEO Insists that Company Is Growing Closer to Apple but Admits that Intel ‘Missed the Mobile Move’

186 Intel

In an ‘Ask Me Anything!’ session on Wednesday morning, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich talked candidly with an enthusiastic Reddit crowd. In addition to the expected questions about favorite foods and other likes and dislikes, one member asked him how things are going with their relationship with Apple.

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Apple Once Again Tops List of World’s Most Valuable Brands

Brand Finance Global 500For the third year in a row, Apple has been named the world’s most valuable brand by the popular valuation research company Brand Finance. The Brand Finance Global 500 report shows that the iPad maker increased its’ value by nearly $26 billion from the previous year. Catching up quickly is Samsung, who outranked Google this year as second most valuable brand.

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Samsung Taking Pot Shots at Apple in New Commercial… Again

iPad Air PencilSigh. Samsung is at it again with yet another anti-Apple advertisement campaign. This time, the Korean-based company is using Apple’s iconic “Pencil” advertisement to make jabs at the iPad for being… get this… .2mm thicker than the Galaxy Tab Pro. Oh, that iPad Air is just so much thicker than the Galaxy Tab Pro. I just don’t know how anyone could grip it. It might as well be an encyclopedia.

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iTunes Festival Comes to the U.S. for the First Time Via SXSW

iTunes Festival SXSW 1Apple today announced that its hugely popular iTunes Festival would be making an appearance at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX. The five-day concert will take place March 11-15 at ACL Live at the Moody Theater and feature a lineup of global superstars, including Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and Willie Nelson. If you won’t be attending SXSW this year, you can still watch every night of the iTunes Festival live streaming on Apple TV or iOS through the iTunes Festival app.

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SteelSeries Stratus Bluetooth Wireless Controller: Hands-On Review

Stratus Game Controller 1At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, SteelSeries announced that it would be launching the first-ever wireless gamepad for iOS 7. What makes a controller like this so exciting is that it can be used with any device, including iPad or iPhone, as long as it meets technical requirements and is running iOS 7 or higher.

Most game controllers that are on the market right now cater to the iPhone. Logitech’s Powershell, for example, lets you place your iPhone inside a specially designed controller. No room for upgraded phones and certainly no room for the iPad.

SteelSeries’ new Bluetooth controller, the Stratus, makes it possible for you to game on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and keeps you connected to your Apple devices, no matter what future generation you invest in.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Magnetic Cable Organizer

DIY cable catcher 4At this moment, I’ve got three stray cables plugged into my USB extender. They get used every day so I need to keep them at the ready. But, they are an unsightly mess on my desktop. They sometimes end up falling toward the back of the desk where I can barely reach. Even worse, every once in a while, a cord will fall between the cracks and behind my desk. Ugh.

There are cable organizers out there to help you keep your dangling doodads from ending up at the dust bunny party under your feet. But, they can be expensive. Especially when you can make one on your own.

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