Another Patent Links Apple to More Technology Around Wearable Devices

iWatch Demo

Evidence continues to mount that Apple is working on a new ‘wearable’ device, either in the form of an iWatch or some other exciting new product. A patent application was published today that points towards Apple getting into the finer details of what it is going to take to make a really great device.

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Amazon Increases Prime Membership Fees

amazon-prime-dec13_tcgI should have seen it coming. I think, secretly, I knew it was. Amazon just sent out emails to Prime members letting them know that the subscription to the service has increased to $99. Members whose renewal date starts after April 17 will be charged the new fee. Student Prime subscribers will see their rate increase to $49.

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United Airlines to Offer In-Flight Movie Services Exclusively for iPhone and iPad Owners

united-airlines-ipad-app-designCommercial Airlines have been slowly inching toward integration of mobile device use on flights. By 2011, United Airlines had already begun trading heavy flight bags with iPad tablets for the company’s pilots. Once the Federal Aviation Administration approved passenger use of portable electronic devices, all bets were off. Today, United Airlines has announced a new in-flight entertainment program that will allow iPad and iPhone users to watch TV shows and movies on their own devices.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: iPad Music Magazine on Flipboard

iPad Music 1Flipboard is good for a lot of things, the most important being that it is a great way to discover new content relating to things you like. Unlike RSS readers, Flipboard lets users curate and create content by making their own magazines to share with others. One such magazine is iPad Music.

This iPad music based content aggregate is curated by the website of the same name, iPadMusic, which regularly reviews apps, gadgets, and accessories that are related to creating music on the iPad.

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DODOcase’s New Multi-Angle iPad Cases Mix Old World Design with New World Technology

199 DODO Top

I love well made cases and stuff in general that is made by hand with excellent craftsmanship. If you appreciate local industry (in spite of owning an iPad) then you should check out the cases from DODOcase. These cases are the perfect low tech solution to keeping your high tech device safe and stylish.

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New Microsoft Board Member Wants Company to Release Office for iPad

Mason Morfit, ValueAct_338Its no secret that Microsoft is holding back on releasing a full version of Office for the iPad. The company has not offered the service for any other mobile device than its own Surface line of tablets. Last year, a hedge fund named ValueAct Capital purchased nearly $2 billion in Microsoft stock, which only amounts to about one percent. This hedge fund, however, is an activist fund and managed to get its squeaky wheel heard. Yesterday, under duress, Microsoft added ValueAct president to its board of directors.

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Quarrior! Launches Quarmageddon Expansion Pack, Goes Free for Limited Time

Quarriors 4Quarriors! is a dice building game that uses similar mechanics to deck building games, only with dice. There are few games like this in existence, one being from the same developer who created this title, The Lord of the Rings: Dice Building Game. The game was ported to the iPad last November, making it much easier to keep all of your dice from getting lost (I’m missing a couple from my physical game set already). Today, the company has added the Quarmageddon expansion to the game, adding 40 more dice to the game. To celebrate, Quarriors! is on sale for free for one week.

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CruxCase Ready to Manufacture iPad Air Model, Seeks Crowdfunding for CruxENCORE

CruxENCORE 1Accessory maker CruxCase recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new keyboard case. This one is the perfect fit for the iPad Air. Additionally, the CruxENCORE will be available in a variety of colors for those who want a little spice in their life.

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iOS 7.1 Adds Warning for 15-Minute In-App Purchase Window

14.03.11-Purchase_CompleteJust over a year ago, Apple went to court in a class action lawsuit regarding an in-app purchase window that exists for 15 minutes after a user enters a password on an iPhone or iPad. The company promised to pay out $100 million to customers who were affected by accidental in-app purchases made. The company also promised to make changes to its mobile operating system that would clarify in-app purchase accessibility. With this week’s update to iOS 7.1, Apple made good on the second part of its promise by adding a pop up window to let users know that in-app purchases can be made for 15 minutes without reentering a password.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: IkeaPad Stand

IkeaPad Stand 2If you are looking for a very simple do-it-yourself iPad stand project, IkeaHackers has a great selection of simple tutorials, many of which are so simple they only require a minimum amount of work. The hardest part is going to Ikea to get the items needed. I know when I go to Ikea, it takes hours to get out because I can’t help but wander around in all of the furnished rooms.

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