Square Enix Brings Hitman Franchise to iOS With Upcoming ‘Hitman GO’

Image_test-660x320Before you have a heart attack, Hitman GO is not the same as Hitman. Instead of the stealth game that has become a fan favorite for the past decade, this version is very different, but also very exciting. Now that you’ve calmed down, we can continue with the news.

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Buyers Have Spoken: Apple Set to Discontinue iPad 2 This Year

ipad2sIn 2011, Apple presented the world with a thinner, faster tablet. It was definitely an improvement on the premier model in terms of performance. However, three years and Retina display technology later, the second-generation iPad seems more like a slow, heavy, retro computer than an advanced piece of machinery. Still, Apple makes it available to purchase if you don’t want to spend the money on the newer model.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: R-Type II

screen568x568I love arcade shooter games. The entire Raiden series keeps me glued to my iPad for hours at a time. Flying over planets, shooting everything in sight reminds me of standing in front of an arcade cabinet in the suburbs as the sun was going down, trying to milk my last quarter for as long as possible. Classic games are much easier on the back when you can play them on the iPad. Like Dungeon Keeper. We spotlighted that reimagined game for the iPad for the previous installment of Flashback Friday.

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PadGadget Daily App Deal – 9 iPad Apps on Sale

PadGadget Daily App Deal – 9 iPad Apps on SaleFor today’s Daily Deal we’ve found 9 great apps to add to your iPad collection.  We have 3 productivity / entertainment apps and 6 game apps in today’s bundle.

We used our PadGadget Apps Tracker to find these great deals and we’ll continue to look for the best app deals as they pop-up. Some of these apps are up to 50% off, a couple are even free, so be sure to check them out because they are on sale for a limited time.

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Rovio Announces ‘Angry Birds Stella’ – A New Universe in the Angry Birds Franchise

angry birds stellaYesterday, Rovio leaked teaser images on Twitter of a new Angry Birds adventure headed our way. Today, the company made the announcement official. The Angry Birds family is growing just a little bit bigger with the addition of Stella and her friends.

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Is Apple Dumping Big Screen Television Plans in Favor of a Revamped of its Set-Top Box?

AppleTV2Rumors that Apple would someday launch a branded television set date back to 2011. At the time, unnamed suppliers were claiming knowledge of 32-inch screens and analysts were predicting a release date of 2013. Word on the street was that Apple was meeting with TV executives to work out deals for content. By December of 2012, Apple executives were openly discussing their feelings about current television experiences.

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Intel Looking to Take iPad and iPhone Chip Business Away from Samsung

Intel headquartersIntel is the largest provider of processor chips in the world… for desktop and laptop computers. Recently tech analysts have predicted that mobile computing will overtake traditional home computers and every household will be more likely to have a tablet in every room than a space-hogging desktop. That is bad news for Intel. They haven’t successfully captured the mobile processor market.

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New Angry Birds Adventure Coming Soon, Sneak Peak Revealed on Twitter

Just when you thought the Angry Birds Phenomenon was finally winding down, the game’s Developer let slip a few images and a telling hash tag on Twitter that points to the imminent launch of a new Angry Birds title. Read More »

Oyster teams up with Disney and releases a kids’ Ebook subscription service

184 Oyster

Oyster has made it clear that they want to be the ‘Netflix’ of subscription ebook services and they have taken another step in that direction by partnering with Disney to add 100 titles in a new dedicated children’s section. While you might assume that children’s books from Disney would be picture books or heavily illustrated, in this case you would be wrong because they are almost all chapter books.

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A New and Converged ‘iAnywhere’ Computing Platform in Apple’s Future?

ipad second screenThere has been a lot of buzz lately as to what new products Apple has for us in 2014. A lot of information is coming through the pipeline that Apple will launch a wearable computing device, dubbed the iWatch, in the first half of the year. Apple’s own job listings are hinting at the need for NPI Engineers to work with “new platforms as of now unannounced.” Alongside this information, J.P. Morgan recently wrote a note to investors that Apple might be headed toward a new “iAnywhere” computing platform.

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