New ‘Gadget’ Synth Studio from Korg Elevates iPad Music Production

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Earlier this week I found myself thinking that the more time that passes, the less likely it seems that we’ll be impressed or amazed by new iOS apps. Yesterday I had to eat those words because of a musical app released by Korg, which has blown my mind and made me rethink my approach to creating music on the iPad.

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Apple Makes Slew of Updates to Pages, Keynote, and Numbers

Pages 2Thursdays are known as “new app day” in the Apple community. It is the day when app makers all officially announce the launch of new titles. It is also a big day for app updates. Or, at least it was yesterday for Apple. The iPad maker launched big updates to its productivity line of iOS app. As a reminder, if you recently bought an iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are all free on Apple’s newest devices.

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Gaming Support Possibly Coming to Apple TV

Apple TV AirPlayWhen the second-generation of Apple TV first came out in 2010, it only had a handful of non-Apple channels. You could stream Netflix and YouTube, connect to Flickr, and a couple of others things. It was pretty bare bones upon launch. Over the past three and a half years, Apple has been adding more and more content to its “little hobby.” Before long, Apple TV might just be a replacement for cable boxes.

While a rumored fourth-generation Apple TV has still not seen the light of day, today, iLounge is reporting that the set-top box will be getting an updated that will allow Bluetooth controller support and its own App Store.

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Use the Force to Charge Your iPad

Darth Vader Charger 1Being that I am a rabid Star Wars fan, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spread the word about this geek-worthy USB charger. Sure, you could use a boring old wireless battery pack to charge your iPad when away from a traditional wall plug, but why would you when you can use Darth Vader’s lightsaber to do it?

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Apple Investigating Mood-based Ad Delivery System


It is only a matter of time before all of our gadgets have the ability to scan us and track our body’s information. While it might seem like the plot of a summer blockbuster, technology is already becoming available that is capable of this and Apple is exploring ways to use such information in advertising and content delivery. In a recent patent application, Apple details a system which uses a mood analysis process to customize ad content for consumers.

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Beats Music Halts New Member Registration Due to Bugs Upon Launch

Beats Music 2Two days ago, Beats Music launched in the App Store. While it is not optimized for the iPad yet, it works just fine and the graphics quality is good enough for listening to music (see my screenshots in this post for reference). I have been able to successfully play hours of music from my iPad for the past two days. However, it was not without its issues.

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Pocket for iOS now Includes AirPlay Support

Pocket with AirPlayIf you don’t already know about it, Pocket is a newsreader that lets you save stories from the Internet offline. It used to be called “Read it Later,” which is why that is still, technically part of the name. Idea Shower recently updated Pocket with a very interesting feature that might make you wonder why, at first. It now includes fully integrated AirPlay support so you can watch full screen videos through Apple TV, even when your screen is locked.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: iRig KEYS PRO Hands-on Review

KeysPro+iPadIt has already been a week and today marks the deadline for a new post of our weekly music column. Each week, we hunt for the coolest apps and accessories for the iPad. Last week, we told you about Caustic. Create a rack mount for your music needs without taking up space in the living room.

This week, we go hands on with IK Multimedia’s newest release. If you thought the iRig KEYS were cool, but wanted something a little more practical, you’ll be happy to know that the iOS music accessory maker heard your cries and upgraded the MIDI-compatible keyboard to a PRO version, complete with full-sized keys for realistic keyboard play.

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Humorous Infograph shows the iPad Air in its Many Uses Based on ‘Poetry’ Ad

Doghouse Diaries 1A few weeks ago, Apple launched a new commercial that featured the pivotal speech from John Keating (Robin Williams) in Dead Poets Society. The advertisement is intended to invoke inspiration from creative iPad users. Poets, writers, painters, and musicians are using Apple’s tablet in a montage. Humorists at Doghouse Diaries just released an info-graph of the many uses of the iPad as seen through the eyes of the “Your Verse” commercial.

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Watch the Super Bowl from Your iPad Thanks to Fox Sports Go

Super Bowl 2014According to Broadcasting Cable, Fox Sports has big plans for this year’s Super Bowl. Not only can cable subscribers watch the biggest football game in the U.S. on the go, but for 27 hours, Fox will allow iPad users to access programming from Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, and local Fox broadcasting stations on Feb. 2 without authenticating that they subscribe to a cable service through the Fox Sports Go app.

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