SteelSeries Launches Larger ‘Stratus XL’ MFi Controller – Hands-on Review

SteelSeries Stratux XL 1

You may recall back in February that I was lucky enough to review the SteelSeries Stratus Mfi controller. You may also recall my first impression being, “Wow, it’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be.” Of course, I quickly changed my tune once I realized that, after playing for two hours straight, my fingers and thumbs didn’t cramp up at all, so size did not matter for that controller.

Just the same, SteelSeries received enough feedback regarding the size of the controller that they decided to make a bigger one. So now, you can take your first-generation Stratus controller with you on the go for supreme mobile fun and keep your Stratus XL on your coffee table at home for the maximum living room gaming experience.

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Judge Uses 1789 ‘All Writs’ Act to Force Manufacturer (Read: Apple) to Figure Out How To Unlock Cellphone

238 iMessages

Things have really started to heat up in regards to Apple’s user encryption technology. Now that there is no way Apple can access our private data, even if the company is served a warrant, judges are pushing the limits of what they can do to force tech companies to give into law enforcement demands.

This week, the Wall Street Journal reported that a federal Judge in New York cited a 200-year-old law to force an unnamed cell phone company to provide “reasonable technical assistance” to help law enforcement unlock a suspect’s smartphone.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Mega Man X Goes On Sale for Thanksgiving Weekend

Mega Man X 1

The original Mega Man series by Capcom first debuted in 1987. Since then, it has spawned 10 sequels, dozens of spinoffs, a handful of remakes, and ports across the gaming industry. By the time Capcom had published its fifth installment of the original series, the company decided to introduce a sub-series called Mega Man X (not 10) in 1993. The Super Nintendo game was a big hit and more than 20 years later, it is available on iOS.

This week, Capcom dropped the price of Mega Man X to $0.99 to celebrate Thanksgiving. So, pick up your copy this weekend before Mega Man X goes back to its original price of $4.99.

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Square is Figuring Out How to Make Apple Pay Available With Its Service

Square Reader 1

News coming from Square is blowing up right now. Recently, the company announced it would begin taking orders for an EMV compatible card reader. Then, international support was added to Square register. Now, Square’s founder Jack Dorsey told CNN Money that the company has plans to begin accepting Apple Pay sometime in 2015.

“Our mindset has always been around the seller and enabling the seller to accept every form of payment that comes across a counter” said Dorsey in the interview. “Apple Pay is something that makes the credit card a little bit more convenient.”

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X-Doria Drops the Price of All iPad Cases by 50 Percent For Black Friday through Cyber Monday

x doria case

X-Doria is taking advantage of the fact that consumers want an iPad for Christmas. While Apple is offering $50 gift cards for every iPad purchased on Black Friday, you can also hop over to X-Doria for an Engage Folio or SmartJacket for your tablet.

Every iPad case the company has will be on sale for 50 percent off. Check out the deals on all X-Doria cases.

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Natalie Portman Rumored to Have Role In Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic


The Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs biopic nearly fell into the abyss. For months, we hadn’t heard a peep about its progress. Then, Sorkin himself announced that Christian Bale was to play the leading role. Shortly after Bale backed out of the project, Sony announced it was dropping the film. Now that Universal has promised to green light this much-anticipated movie, new rumors suggest that Natalie Portman may be on board.

According to Deadline, who first reported that Sony was out, Portman is in talks with Universal to participate in the film. The specific character is unknown, but Deadline suggests that it is “expected to be a major role.”

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Sapphire Displays Reportedly Being Produced by Foxconn

43 Foxconn

Now that GT Technologies is out of the picture, Apple is undoubtedly exploring new options for mass production of sapphire glass. It is an unlikely coincidence that Foxconn recently asked for permission to build a new plant in Zhengzhou, China immediately next to one of their iPhone plants. Rumors suggest that the new plant will produce sapphire glass displays for a future version of the iPhone and hopefully for future iPads as well.

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Apple Now Has the Largest Market Value of Any Company in the World

Apple Retail Store NYC 5th Ave

You may recall in 2012 that Apple’s stock had reached a record high just before the company announced the launch of the iPad mini. It seemed that the iPad maker was on top of its game, turning investors into slobbering monsters. Then, only six months later, Apple’s stock price began to drop, causing tech analysts to scurry for cover and ring the death bells for the iPad maker. Within a year, Apple’s stock had plummeted by 40 percent.

Earlier this year, Apple announced a share repurchasing program, as well as an expansion of the capital return program and a seven-for-one stock split. Basically, the company shifted around monies in order to give investors the biggest band for their buck.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: DIY Leather iPad Case

DIY Leather iPad Case2

A friend of mine showed up at a get-together with a tooled leather book cover that his sister had made him. It looked amazing. The book took on this sort of antique aesthetic that made it seem much fancier than it was. Imagine what that would look like as an iPad cover?
This week’s project is not entirely unlike that book cover I secretly coveted. While the instructions do not call for tooled leather, there is no reason you couldn’t use it for your iPad cover. Do you know how to carve leather?

This project for a leather iPad case comes to us from Katie at SkunkBoy. You will need a length of leather large enough to cover the iPad on both sides with a flap. You will also need a rotary cutter, a straight edge ruler, material for the lining, Tacky Glue, and a sewing machine with complimentary thread.

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BattleLore: Command Now Available on iOS

 BattleLore Command4

Back in August, Fantasy Flight announced it was developing a digital version of the popular board game BattleLore. This week, the company made good on its promise and the epic fantasy fighting gaming is now available on the iPad.

In BattleLore: Command, players lead the Daqan army into battle against the invading Uthuk Y’llan demon barbarians. You can take up arms in single-player campaign mode and drum up archers from Terrinoth, call on the Rune Golems for protection, command Roc Warriors, and more.

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