Steve Wozniak and I aren’t Going to Buy the iPad Air (Probably)

iPad Air

Every time there is a new release from Apple we provide advice on whether or not you should consider buying the latest offering, either as a new purchase or as an upgrade. The problem for me with the announcement of the iPad Air was that it followed the presentation of the new Mac Pro, which proved there is still room for major innovation in the world of desktop computers. Sure, the iPad Air is smaller and faster but otherwise it is not that different. Let’s look at many of the selling points about the new iPads and also look at why Steve Wozniak thinks he’s going to wait.

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Apple to Open Retail Stores at 8:00am on November 1 for iPad Air Launch

iPad Air Release

Apple has announced that they will open stores early on iPad Air launch day. This is certainly an effort to keep people warm on a potentially cold day and not an effort to sell more iPads, because they are likely sell out of popular models no matter when the doors open. Perhaps those that come later after all of the basic models are gone will be tempted to purchase the more expensive iPad Airs that are left over.

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Apple Launches New iPad Air Videos

iPad Air CommercialOn Tuesday, Apple unveiled the all-new, lighter, thinner iPad Air. The tablet has been redesigned to look more like the iPad mini, but with the same 9.7-inch screen. To generate interest and show of the tablet’s new design, Apple has launched two new commercials.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Make Ringtones with one tap in GarageBand 2.0

GarageBand for iOS 7 1Welcome back to our weekly music column. We are huge fans of music around here. Many of us are even musicians of one kind or another. Each week, we track down interesting apps and accessories that we think musicians and fans of music will enjoy. Last week, we had a hands-on review of IK Multimedia’s new iRig Pro. Talk about a musician’s digital companion.

This week, we want to talk about the brand new update to Apple’s music app, GarageBand. After this week’s big event, Apple launched an updated to GarageBand that added a few new features to make sharing your music easier than ever.

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5 Reasons your iPad will love Mavericks

OS X Mavericks

The dust is beginning to settle on the big news yesterday and I thought I would test out some of the ways that my iPad and OS X Mavericks are supposed to be able to collaborate. I picked 5 different tasks that were discussed in Tuesday’s presentation and took them for a drive. I am happy to report that each feature works as advertised but I experienced several easily solvable bumps along the way.

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T-Mobile ‘Unleashes’ the iPad Air With Zero Down and 200 MB Free 4G Data

T-Mobile Tables Unleased 2Today on Twitter, T-Mobile shook the tablet market with a very unique offer. Instead of purchasing your tablet for $100 discount plus a monthly fee for two years, the newest carrier to the iPad Air is offering a payment plan that starts at Zero down with 200 MB of data for free. They are calling this campaign, “Tablets Un-leased.”

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Griffin and Belkin Announce Lineup of New iPad Air Cases

iPad AirWith yesterday’s big announcement from Apple, there is a new size of iPad in town. The iPad Air is significantly thinner in width and height, which means case makers have a new line of products to create. Luckily, many companies have already started production on properly sized accessories for the iPad Air. Belkin and Griffin have just announced updates to their most popular cases to fit Apple’s fifth-generation iPad.

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AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile Ready to sell Apple’s New iPad Air

iPad Air and iPad miniYesterday, Apple unveiled the newest version of the iPad and iPad mini. The larger sized tablet is now so much smaller and lighter than its predecessor that the company had to give it a new name, iPad Air. The 7.9-inch iPad mini has finally been given a Retina display screen. Both new models will be available from a variety of carriers starting Friday, Nov. 1. We’ve got some information to help you decide what plan you’d like to go with.

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: DIY iPad Halloween Costume

DIY iPad Halloween CostumeWelcome back to another installment of our weekly do-it-yourself iPad project spotlight. Each week, we track down bold and beautiful crafts and homemade accessories for your iPad. Last week, we told you about a project for astronomical iPad fans. That is, iPad users who are stargazers.

This week, we have a Halloween costume idea to get those gears turning in your brain and the blood pumping through the hole in your chest.

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OtterBox Updates iPad Case Lineup to Support iPad Air and New iPad Mini


I drove by the OtterBox headquarters a few weeks ago in Fort Collins, Colorado and was reminded about how important this company has become to me and my group of friends. I have kids and all of my friends have kids too and we all love our iPhones and iPads. The problem is that our kids love them more and every single one of us has a pre-OtterBox horror story. OtterBox has thankfully announced that its lineup will support the new iPad Air and iPad Mini which is good news.

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