PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: R.B.I. Baseball 14

RBI Baseball 1In the late 1980s and early 1990s, there was this simulation baseball league video game that would let players take part in a career-long fantasy baseball experience using real members of the Major League Baseball (MLB) association. I have a friend that still talks about the game to this day. He reminisces about running home after school every day to catch up on his league’s activities. This week, launched a revised version of the game that sticks to the tradition of the original, but is much more than a port of a 20-year old game.

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Game of Thrones Ascent Creator Announces Upcoming Launch of Star Trek Timelines

Star Trek TimelinesA few weeks ago, game developer Disruptor Beam launched a social role-playing game that won the hearts of fans of the Game of Thrones television series. This week, the same company announced that it is putting the finishing touches on a Star Trek themed game with a similar mechanic. Sci-fi fans will have the privilege of exploring the universe alongside iconic characters in the Star Trek world.

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Next-Generation iPad Air May Get Touch ID This Year

Touch ID 3Last year, when Apple unveiled the iPhone 5s and 5c, one of the big new features to improve security was the addition of Touch ID. Of course, we all thought that the fingerprint recognition software would be included with the next generation of iPad. When Apple unveiled the iPad Air, it was completely redesigned with a new look, but was missing the additional security feature that Apple gave the iPhone 5s with no explanation why.

According to KGI Security analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Touch ID is coming this year to the second-generation iPad Air, as well as the iPad mini with Retina.

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Battle Card Game Yomi Goes Digital with iPad Version, Available April 17

yomi_ipad1Battle card game purists will be happy to know that Sirlin Games has announced that Yomi is coming to iOS next Thursday. The strategy based fighting game takes most of the luck out of the equation and leaves you with nothing but powerful characters that know how to brawl.

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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Officially Available in the App Store

Family Guy 1Fans of Seth McFarlane’s cartoon hit “Family Guy” will be happy to know that the worst family since the Simpsons is now appearing on an iPad nearby. Not as an animated series, but as an adventure game. In this true-to-show story, players help the Griffins get back on the air with all the antics that are familiar in the Fox television show.

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Apple TV Rumored to Get Motion Detection

Apple TV

The Apple TV is one of my favorite products and it’s likely the most used Apple product at my house. It has proven itself as a popular media streamer and Apple has consistently added new features over the past few years. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the Apple TV is on the verge of receiving its biggest update since its initial release.

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: DIY Macro Lens for iPad

DIY Macro Lens 1I consider myself to be a photography hobbiest. I love taking pictures with my fancy pants DSLR camera, but I also love snapping shots with my iPhone and, yes, even my iPad. There are hundreds of cool apps in the App Store that will let you twist, texturize, and alter your images to look like just about anything you want.

But no app can recreate the unique, tight focus that comes from using a physical macro lens. Richard V from Make Magazine has a great tutorial for a DIY clip-on macro lens that you can use on your iPhone or iPad.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: IK Multimedia Launches AmpliTube Orange

AmpliTube Orange 4Orange Amplification is one of those companies that have stood the test of time and made a name for themselves for having incredible durability and a very unique sound that is heavy, crunchy, and powerful. Classic rock musicians, as well as stoner rock and doom metal musicians all love the sound of Orange. It can be seen on stage with the likes of Geddy Lee, Robert Plant, and Shaun Cooper. The sound of Orange crosses genres and defies boundaries, making it a must-have amp for guitarists of all walks.

IK Multimedia recently launched a new amp package for AmpliTube that features the iconic British tone that Orange amp is so famous for.

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Apple Testing Push Notification for Informing You About Fixed Errors in Maps App

Apple Maps Push Notification 3By now, many of us have already reported problems to Apple from errors relating to the Maps app. Whether the location isn’t where it should be, or directions go the wrong way, or search results end up way off the mark, the Maps app has needed a lot of attention since it launched in 2012. Some users have reported errors in Maps to Apple and never seen the problem get fixed.

According to MacRumors, Apple may be adding a feature that will send you a notification when an error you’ve reported gets fixed. It doesn’t really change much, but it will probably make you feel better knowing that you’ve taken part in improving Apple’s Maps app.

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Google Wants Square, Square Wants Apple, Apple Isn’t Interested

Square HeadquartersRe/code recently spoke with an inside source at financial online payment startup Square. Over the past few years, the company has skyrocketd in popularity and is actively upsetting the credit card industry with its simple, mobile payment services. We’ve reported on a lot of the company’s activities in the past and are interested in the future of Square just as much as the next tech guy. According to the unnamed source that spoke with Re/code, Square is a hot commodity for bigger companies, but isn’t sure it wants to be bought up by just anybody.

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