Apple Back on Top of J.D. Power Tablet Owner Satisfaction Survey

JD Powers 2014 tablet satisfaction survey 1

For three years now, J.D. Power has been conducting surveys regarding tablet owner satisfaction. For the first time in the three years, overall tablet satisfaction has declined. The main reason for disillusionment from consumers is attributed to ease of operation due to navigation features and functions changing from last year to this. Apple is back on top again after a controversial drop from the top spot last year. Just like last year, Apple scored “among the best” in four out of five categories.

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Apple Supplier Already Provided Sensor For Touch ID for iPad Air 2

Touch ID 1

We’ve mentioned before that rumors are swelling around the possibility of Touch ID showing up in Apple’s next generation of iPad Air. Last month, indie iOS app developer Pierre Blazquez pointed to coding in the iOS 7.1.1 build that showed a Touch ID framework for the iPad. On top of a few other rumors that have come out lately, today, is reporting that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has already shipped Touch ID sensors for the next generation iPad Air in mid-April.

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Angus the Irritable Bull Charges into the App Store


One great thing about the iPad is that it is the prefect vehicle for launching a thousand adventures for young readers. Instead of a room filled with stacks of books, your little one can take off on wild adventures, meet interesting creatures, and learn life lessons without having to grab a new book. Thanks to creative software engines, the pages of digital books come to life as children interact with characters, find hidden objects, and listen to stories.

Illustration publisher Watermark recently launched an iPad app with all original art that is brought to life by the high quality graphics platform Unity for 2-D.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: DIY Tablet Holder for Under the Cabinet

DIY iPad Mount Under the Cabinet 3

I’ve mentioned multiple times that I use my iPad as a recipe book on a regular basis. I have a folder full of apps and a long list of articles saved in Evernote Food. Practically every home cooked meal starts with a visit to my iPad. I also have very little countertop space in my house, a complaint that I’m sure I’m not alone in. Today, we’ve got a do-it-yourself project for mounting a stand to the underside of your kitchen cabinet so you can use your iPad without it taking up precious countertop space.

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PadGadget Daily App Deal – 6 iPad Apps on Sale

PadGadget Daily App Deal – 6 iPad Apps on SaleFor today’s Daily Deal we’ve found 6 great apps to add to your iPad collection.  We have 4 productivity / entertainment apps and 2 game apps in today’s bundle.

We used our PadGadget Apps Tracker to find these great deals and we’ll continue to look for the best app deals as they pop-up. Some of these apps are up to 80% off so be sure to check them out because they are on sale for a limited time.

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Packing Pro Update Brings Key New Features

228 Packing2

Summer vacation is right around the corner and if you are anything like me then you would benefit from an app to help get things organized and packed. I typically only travel once or twice a year and so I’m not particularly good at getting ready for it, but this summer I am taking a bigger trip to Beijing and I am definitely going to need something to help me stay organized as I prepare. Packing Pro’s new update has everything I need.

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‘Juice’ Wall Mounted Charger Makes Your iPad Look Like Art

Juice Wall Dock

I love wall mounts for the iPad. It is my favorite place to keep my tablet stored when I’m not using it, and sometimes when I am using it. It looks great on the wall and is a convenient way to keep your expensive gadget off the countertop while you make a mess with food or crafting supplies. Juice is a sleek looking wall mount that doubles as a charger. All you have to do is mount it to your wall using your iPad cable and you’ve got yourself a charger and tablet display all in one.

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Tech Media Gets Tricked, Biometric EarPods a Fake, Creator Comes Clean about His Bathroom Antics

EarPod Rumor Fake

Last week, a very shaky rumor began to swirl in the tech world. An anonymous poster to a website called “Secret” made an announcement that Apple’s next generation of EarPods would come equipped with heart rate and blood pressure sensors, as well as iBeacon transmitters.

Yesterday, the original author of the rumor came clean with another anonymously created Tumblr blog expressing his apology for letting the rumor get out of hand. It was just a joke that got out of hand. “I made it up. I wrote it 5 minutes after I woke up on the 1st of may. I was blurry eyed, I had a headache, I was using the toilet and worrying about my blood pressure.”

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‘Godzilla: Strike Zone’ Lets you Face the Legendary Beast

227 Godzilla

iOS and the App Store have created an impact on so many areas of the entertainment industry and a new game called Godzilla: Strike Zone from Warner Brothers is a perfect example of using an app to market a new movie. Strike Zone was released this week and is a basic first person shooter with three levels. It took me about 20 minutes to beat the entire game but since it was free I didn’t really mind that it was so short.

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Jury Finds Samsung Infringed on Three More Patents from Apple, Apple Infringed on One of Samsung’s

Samsung-vs-AppleThe battle goes on. After years of spending millions (if not billions) of dollars and thousands of hours in court, Apple and Samsung are still waging the patent war. This time, the conflict is over software instead of hardware. Apple took Samsung to court in the U.S., again, with the trial ending last Friday. The jury found that, of the five patent infringement claims that Apple had, three of them were legitimate. At the same time, Samsung accused Apple of infringing on two of their software patents. The jury found in favor of Samsung on one of them.

According to a synopsis of the ruling by Re/code, the jury found that all of Samsung’s phones infringed on patent 647, the “quick-links” patent. Additionally, some of Samsungs products infringed on patent 721, the “slide-to-unlock” patent, while others did not. The jury also found that Samsung “willfully infringed” on a third, unnamed patent.

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