Five New iOS 8 Features We’re Dying to have on our iPads

iOS 8

With iOS 8’s release still months away, many people are dying to get their hands on Apple latest iPad and iPhone OS and start using some of the 100+ new features Apple has packed into iOS 8.  The list of all the new features in iOS 8 is huge but we’ve narrowed down our top picks of the things we can’t wait to try on our iPads and iPhones.

Your top feature not on our list?  Let us know what features you’re dying to have in our comment section below.

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Apple Patent Reveals All Glass iPhones and iPads Could be in our Future

260 Glass 1

Apple was awarded a patent this week for a glass fusing process that can be used for both mobile devices and larger monitors and televisions. While we may never see this in a released product, it demonstrates Apple’s interest in alternate designs and it showcases a process which could create very interesting new structures.

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Stupid Autocorrect, How to turn off Autocorrect on your iPad

Autocorrect 2It happens to all of us. Sometimes, the mistake is harmless and just makes us look like we are bad at grammar. Sometimes, iOS’s autocorrect feature gets us into deep trouble, or just makes for a very funny joke. This week, we are going to show you how to turn off the autocorrect feature on your iPad so that, when you are quickly typing those iMessages and emails, you won’t accidentally hit send before correcting, “Can you give me a rise to the shaping mall?”

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: Teach Siri to Pronounce Names Correctly

Siri How To 3Welcome back to another episode of our weekly how-to guide. Right now, there might be millions of new iPad owners out there. The numbers aren’t in yet, and it is impossible to tell how many iPad Air purchasers are new to the iOS operating system, but I’ll bet there are a few of you. Each week, we cover the basics of how to use your iPad, and try to fill you in on some of the extra features you may not have already known.

This week, we have a simple trick for getting Siri to say names in your contacts correctly. From now on, she (or he) won’t confuse “Michelle” with “Michel.”

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Fairune is Epic RPG Fun on your iPad

Fairune 1

Fantasy style role-playing games (RPG) date all the way back to early existence of video games, arcade and console. As time went on, and so did technology, RPGs grew into something even more advanced. The gameplay went from text based to map exploration. RPGs have since turned into such massive entities as World of Warcraft. All along the way, as technology made games more advanced, developers continued to try to recapture their own childhood love of the genre.

Fairune is a recreation of my youth (maybe not exactly childhood) that fits perfectly with what I consider to be an epic RPG. Players use an on-screen D-pad to traverse the forested landscape, which is filled with dangerous creatures, sweet loot, and hidden underground rooms for exploring.

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Sunrise Calendar Now Available Across All Apple Devices With Mac App Launch


Back in February of 2013, the Sunrise Calendar app launched on the iPhone. It was hugely successful for it’s attractive flat design ahead of Apple’s iOS 7 remodel. A year later, in January of this year, the app was finally optimized for the iPad. Last week the app launched on OS X, so now you can have all of your calendars and events synced across all of your Apple Devices with the same look and experience everywhere.

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Summer Vacation at Disneyland With the iPad


This year, I invested in an annual pass to Disneyland and have had a lot more experience with park visits than I ever have before. I’ll be visiting the park in just a few days. Since I’ve got Disney on the brain, I thought I’d fill you in on some of the ways the iPad (and iPhone) can help make your visit smooth.

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Tabitop Turns Your iPad Into a Virtual Windows PC


If you’ve been wondering what that whole Windows RT experience is like, but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in a second tablet, there is a way for you to get a virtual version of Windows on your iPad. You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee, but you won’t have to purchase a whole tablet to enjoy Windows on a mobile device.

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iPads Could Face Downturn as Attention Shifts to Wearable Devices

iWatch Demo

Tablets have proven themselves as serious competitor for laptops and other personal computing solutions, but analysts are expecting a reduction in tablet sales due to the increasing buzz around wearable devices. As more devices are released it is increasingly apparent that the number of gadgets that people are willing to buy and use have a limited number.

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Kensington’s New ‘Trapper Keeper’ Case Brings High School Style to the iPad

Trapper Keeper iPad Case 2

I was a Trapper Keeper user when I was a kid. If I remember correctly, mine was rainbow themed and was designed by Lisa Frank. When I got into high school, I had one of those splashed paint designed ones. I thought I was so Mod.  There were many other designs in my locker throughout my school years. However, one thing remained the same across 13 years of learning. I always had a Trapper Keeper.

Kensington has just announced a new line of Mead inspired universal cases for 10 and 8-inch tablets. You may not be able to choose from the long list of licensed designs, but the fold-over front flap will certainly remind you of first period History.

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