Personalization Features of Yahoo Mail Finally Available on iPad

Yahoo Mail for iPad

Yahoo Mail is the company’s official app, which gives users access to content from the company’s main website. Until recently, it was mainly focused on email features. However, in April, the iPhone version received a big update that allowed users to access news and see snapshots of weather, sports scores, stocks, and more. Today, the company has rolled out the personalization features to the iPad with full screen support.

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: Homemade Slide Ruler for Adobe Creative Apps

DIY Adobe Slide Ruler 3

A few weeks ago, Adobe launched a new line of creative iPad apps called Adobe Line and Adobe Sketch. At the same time, the company unveiled two new tools specifically designed for drafting artists called “Ink and Slide,” which are a pen and slide ruler for touch screens. Ink and Slide are available as one package from Adobe for $199. However, one creative DIY guy has figured out a way to create a simplified version at home using hardware supplies that won’t cost you more than a few bucks.

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DotPen Hopes to Redefine What a ‘Fine Tip’ Touch Screen Stylus is

DotPen 1

I’ve not tested a whole lot of styluses in my lifetime. The few I have tried out have left me feeling a bid… mushy. I know it is difficult to make a touch screen pen because the material needs to be capacitive. But you’d think that, by now, someone would have perfected the materials so that tablet styluses would feel more like real pens.

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Apple Voice Recognition Hires Point to Siri Getting Neural Networking Update

257 Siri

Siri is a big deal. It wasn’t the first voice recognition tool, but in conjunction with iOS and the iPhone it has been brought to the masses. According to, Apple is now poised to incorporate neural networking technology into its voice recognition system.

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Samsung Rumored to Produce Apple’s A9 Chips, Made in the U.S.A.


For a few years now, Apple and Samsung have been battling each other in courts around the world over patent infringement issues. While the lawsuits appear to be winding down, rumors of the strained relationship continue. Every few months or so, we hear that Apple is planning on dumping Samsung as the designer for its processor chip line. Then, shortly after that, we hear that the company is on track to produce Apple’s branded mobile chip for years to come.

Today is no different. A new rumor from Taiwan’s DigiTimes is reporting that Samsung will make Apple’s A9 chip, due out in 2015. Additionally, this rumor notes that the chip will be made at Samsung’s U.S. plant in New York.

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Apple Offers $50 -$100 Gift Cards in Latest Back to School iPad and iPhone Promotion

Back to School

Now that the kids have celebrated their last day of school, college students have sold back their textbooks for 10 percent of what they bought them for, and the first day of summer has official passed, Apple is starting its Back to School campaign. Starting today and continuing until Sept. 9, Apple is offering a $50 retail store gift card for qualified students who purchase an iPad or iPhone. If you are investing in a new Mac, Apple will give you a $100 gift card.

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E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation Launches ‘Life on Earth’ iBooks Textbook Series

E.O. Wilsons Life on Earth 3

Apple recently updated iTunes U with new tools for educators and students to better create, edit, and collaborate. While looking into the updates to iTunes U, I noticed a spotlight for a series of books I recall reading when I was in school. As it turns out, Dr. Edward O. Wilson’s “Life on Earth” has been completely redesigned as an immersive, interactive textbook series that is now available for free on the iPad.

Thanks to donations from supporters of the author’s Biodiversity Foundation, “Life on Earth” will be presented with animations, videos, and interactive modules in a 41-chapter series that meets the Next Generation Science Standards for high school curriculum.

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Some L.A. Schools Switch to Laptops After Troubled iPad Rollout


We’ve been following the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) iPad program for quite some time. The reason is that LAUSD is the second largest school district in the U.S. and can be considered a tastemaker when it comes to new programs. When the District’s school board approved a $30 million contract with Apple to provide iPad tablets for every student, it piqued our interest as to whether this would become the new way of classroom learning.

Turns out, no.

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Akamai Expands Quarterly Internet Report Analysis

256 Akamai 1

The internet is continuing to change and Akamai is tracking those changes on a global stage. In addition to testing for 4K media streaming capabilities and IPv6 adoptions rates, Akamai is also expanding their analysis of mobile connectivity. Their published quarterly report is an interesting read and showcases the trends of internet availability on a variety of platforms around the world including the iPad and iPhone.

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Apple Joins San Francisco Pride Festival, Hands out Free Music to Attendees

Every June, San Francisco plays host to a huge celebration that spans then entire world. The yearly Pride Festival takes place in major cities in the U.S. as well as France, Spain, Mexico, and other international locations. The San Francisco Pride Celebration boasts the largest gathering of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

This year, Apple, along with Facebook and Google, joined the festivities in support of gay pride and human rights equality. Apple employees attended en masse donning the company’s iconic logo with the universally known gay pride rainbow colors. Apple employees handed out playing card style certificates with a promo code for one free song on iTunes. The card, also sporting the rainbow Apple logo, simply reads, “Pride.” Recipients can use the card to add one dollar to their iTunes account and choose one song (or app) of their choice.

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