Createrria Lets You Build iOS Games Straight from Your iPad


A new app called Createrria is available which allows you to create you own games. It’s fun, creative, and easily gained approval from my gaming kids. The concept builds upon the success of games like Minecraft which allow you to create the world around you, but take it even further by letting you build levels, tasks, and a variety of other game situations.

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President Obama may have an iPad, but He’s ‘Not Allowed’ to Use the iPhone

Obama iPadIt is no secret that U.S. President Barack Obama loves the iPad. The first time we saw him in the presence of Apple’s tablet, it was to give an autograph. That must have been love at first sight. In October of 2010 the President personally requested a meeting with Apple CEO Steve Jobs to discuss “economy, innovation and technology education.” Obama admitted to owning an iPad in a March 2011 interview. It is possible that, at that meeting, Jobs handed over a prototype of the iPad 2. As we later discovered, Obama was seen sporting the second-generation device before it was available to the public.

Today, Reuters reported that the President may own an iPad, but he is not allowed to own an iPhone. Good news for BlackBerry. Obama is still using a smartphone from the nearly defunct tech company.

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PadGadet’s Sound Stage: Tune your Guitar From your iPad with the Roadie Tuner

Roadie Tuner 4Welcome back to this week’s edition of our weekly music column. In case you didn’t know already we have an affinity for music and musicians around here. Some of us are musicians ourselves. That’s why, each week, we look for apps and accessories relating to the iPad that we think music lovers will enjoy. Last time, we told you about Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes. If you like John Lennon, you should check out this app.

This week, we found a fantastic Kickstarter campaign for a device that connects to your iOS device and tunes your guitar. The Roadie Tuner is the ultimate guitar tool.

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Google Reportedly Working on Chrome Apps Toolkit for iOS Ports

Image courtesy of CBS

Image courtesy of CBS

Google wants to make Chrome packaged apps available across platforms, including Android, Linux, and iOS. If the project is a success, Google’s toolkit will enable app developers to create Chrome apps for a multitude of mobile operating systems.

According to TheNextWeb, Google has been quietly preparing for the “Mobile Chrome Apps” toolkit for a while now. The toolkit will help developers create Android and iOS hybrid native apps with Chrome app polyfills through a program called Apache Cordova.

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Amazon WorkSpaces Comes to iPad with Little Fanfare


Amazon’s future delivery-by-drone service isn’t their only service that’s lighter than air: the company is now offering cloud computing to iOS users, namely the iPad.

Amazon’s virtual desktop service, Amazon WorkSpaces, is now available for iOS–though for now, the app is usable only for those with access to the WorkSpaces Limited Preview The service allows iPad users to turn their device into a virtual, cloud-based desktop. This allows for accomplishing a number of tasks through the use of web apps and a Windows desktop UI.

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Halfbrick to Unleash Latest iPad Game ‘Band Stars’ this Thursday

Band Star

Band Stars is being released worldwide on the Appstore tomorrow! Halfbrick has a successful line of awesome iOS games and Band Stars is poised to be their newest hit. If you are a fan of music then you are sure to enjoy this game, and since it’s free you’ll be able to enjoy it guilt free.

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Apple iBeacon Makes Newsstand Magazine Browsing a Virtual Reality

ByPlaceI love magazines. At least once per month, I head over to my local newsstand to check out titles from various categories I am interested in. What makes this event so special is that I am able to see all different types of magazines. Even though I may not have ever heard of a title before, if it catches my eye, I might buy it. Browsing for magazines in Apple’s Newsstand app is just not the same. You have to know what you are looking for when you start shopping.

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Clumsy Ninja Gets 10M Downloads, Move Over Angry Birds

Clumsy-Ninja-2A couple of weeks ago, Clumsy Ninja stumbled its way into the App Store. This simple free-to-play game has made a name for itself. According to NaturalMotion, the game’s creator, the little masked fighter was downloaded more than 10 million times in its first week. If the game’s popularity continues at this rate, it will become the most successful iOS game since the App Store launched.

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New NASA iPad App Shows How Climate Change and Natural Disasters Impact Earth


Our planet is changing and NASA has released an iPad app called Images of Change which gives you access to dramatic images of the changes caused by varying climates, natural disasters, and the impact of humans on our environment. The app is relatively simple in its design but the ramifications of these images present a powerful message that is important for us to notice.

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: DIY Canvas Case for iPad Air

DIY iPad Canvas Case 1As December smashes us in the face with its surprising arrival, many of us are frantically gathering our materials, supplies, and notions for the month long craft-a-thon that takes place among DIY-ers. We may have plenty of cloth, yarn, Washi tape, and hot glue, but what we don’t have a lot of are ideas. One great gift you can give someone you love this year is a handmade iPad case. That is why, each week, we search the Web to find great DIY projects that compliment Apple’s tablet. Last week, we told you about Craftsy. If you don’t know how to make something, chances are Craftsy has an online class for it.

This week, we have a project for a simple iPad Air sleeve. If there is an art-lover in your life, they could use a Canvas iPad Case.

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