Best Buy Brings Back Price Cut on iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 for New Christmas Sale

Best Buy iPad Sale

Less than a month ago, Best Buy dropped the price of the iPad Air 2 by $100 and the iPad mini 3 by $75 during its early bird Black Friday sale, which actually started on Thanksgiving. This week, the company is cutting the price of Apple tablets again. Only this time, you won’t have to skip dinner with the family in order to get one.

Right now, all models of iPad Air 2 are discounted by $50, no matter which storage size or version you want. That’s a 10 percent savings on the 16GB Wi-Fi only model, but only about half-of-one-percent savings on the 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

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Apple Adds ‘Change’ iPad Air 2 Ad to ‘Your Verse’ Campaign

 iPad Air 2 Your Verse Change

If you are shopping for a new iPad for someone special this Christmas, you may have noticed that Apple launched a new commercial recently that spotlight’s the iPad Air 2. Although this advertisement is part of the “Your Verse” campaign, it is much different than the company’s previous content.

The Your Verse ads typically focus on one person, group, or event and spotlight a handful of apps that are used during the project. This ad covers more than a dozen different uses for the iPad from a wide variety of users, from artists, to musicians, to athletes, to students, and more.

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Mark Zuckerberg Tells Time Magazine that Apple Products are Overpriced


In an interview with Time, Mark Zuckerberg discussed the future of Facebook, his big plans for what’s next, and even made a jab at Apple for being over priced. He also disagreed with comments Tim Cook made about free services making consumers the product.

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Fat Chicken Will Earn You Big Bucks if You can Keep Your Cattle Well-Fed

Fat Chicken 5

The tower defense category just got a bit bigger, or should I say fatter? A silly new title from Relevant games has just set up shop in the App Store and it adds a Kansas-sized twist on the tower defense genre.

Fat Chicken has players attacking farm animals, not with turrets or laser beams, but with corn and growth hormones. Your job is to get the animals from the farm to the slaughterhouse while fattening them up as much as possible. The fatter they are, the more Murderbux you will earn.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: KnowNote is a Modern Day Guitar Hero for the iPad


The first time I played Guitar Hero, I was both fascinated and appalled. I couldn’t believe that rock ‘n’ roll had been turned into a video game. At the same time, I was excited that video games were catering to music fans. Within an hour, I was hooked on the game and decided that it was awesome and could even serve to encourage gamers to venture into the music world to learn how to play real instruments.

KnowNote has a similar theme, but the mechanics are much different. First of all, you don’t need a plastic guitar to play it. Instead, you use a keyboard. The original desktop game utilizes your computer’s keys. The iPad version includes its own customized in-app keyboard so you can rock those shredding solos without having to tap the shift key. In fact, there is no shift key.

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See What it is Like, First Hand, to Spend a ‘Night at the Museum’ on your iPad

Night at the Museum 1

The third installment of the “Night at the Museum” series starring Ben Stiller as the night watchman at a particularly animated history museum will premier on Dec. 19, just in time for the holidays. To get your ready for the night’s excitement, Fox Digital in collaboration with Pocket Gems has created a hidden objects game that puts you right in the midst of an adventure.

Night at the Museum: Hidden Treasures is a hidden objects game with lots of story to follow. Players take on the role of a new night watchman under the tutelage of Larry Daley (Ben Stiller). You must help him set up exhibits, find lost keys, and keep the restless ancient objects from running amuck in the building, or worse, escaping.

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Hour of Code is Back and Apple is Hosting Free Seminars Dec. 11

hour of code

This year, Dec. 8 – 14 is Computer Science Education week. Apple participates in the yearly awareness campaign by offering a number of different workshops and events. Dec. 11 is Hour of Code day, a campaign started by to get more people interested in coding and to advocate for more computer science classes in public education. One of Apple’s workshops will be to participate in Hour of Code with a free, one-hour introductory seminar to learn the basics of computer programming.

The weeklong event will focus on all things related to computer science. Some of the events that Apple has planned include interviews with Flask founders Hideko Ogawa and Takako Horiuchi in Tokyo, Author Theodore Gray in Illinois, NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil in London, coding expert Jocelyn Leavitt in New York, and more.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: The Longest Journey Remastered

Longest Journey2

In the late 1990s, a point-and-click adventure game came out on PC that allowed gamers to spend some time in the shoes of a magical art student. The epic journey of April Ryan made waves because it was one of the first times that a female took the lead in an adventure game role. The witty protagonist and the complex storyline made the game a cult classic. Last week, the game’s original developer, Funcom, ported the original to iOS. Now, you can replay the beloved classic over and over again anywhere you want on your iPad.

The Longest Journey starts you off in the middle of April’s dream. She is transported to a magical world where she learns a few things about her destiny, which she promptly ignores when she wakes up, assuming it was nothing more than a dream. After a couple of waking moments that include dreamlike events, April discovers she has more power than she realizes.

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Alabama Honors Apple CEO Tim Cook by Naming Anti-Discrimination Bill After Him

Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks at the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach

This past October, Apple CEO Tim Cook came out. He told the world he was gay an essay for Bloomberg Businessweek in which he also expressed his concern with the lack of human rights and protection many people face based on their sexual orientation. He noted that his decision to come out was influenced by the idea that he might be a role model to the gay community. “If hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is… then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy,” he wrote.

After hearing the news, Alabama Democratic state Representative Patricia Todd, who was in the process of drafting an anti-discrimination law, joked that she would name her bill after Cook.

It was just a joke, but the news cycle picked it up and Apple heard about it.

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The Woz Debunks the Legend that Apple Inc. Started in Steve Jobs’ Garage

Steve Wozniak

We’ve all heard the story about how the two Steves, Wozniak and Jobs, started a computer giant in the mid 1970. The two upstarts had a lot of moxie, but not a lot of money. The story goes that Jobs and “The Woz,” as he has been affectionately nicknamed, toiled away on designing and building the Apple I in the former’s garage.

It turns out that none of it was true. At least, the part about building computers in the garage wasn’t. Wozniak told Bloomberg that the iconic garage was nothing more than a fable.

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