App Usage Continues to Outpace Mobile Web Usage


Mobile web usage in 2014 has shrunken to a mere 14% of time sent on mobile devices in spite of the average time on devices increasing. The data, as collected by Flurry, shows that apps dominate the time spent by consumers and that the overall number one app is Facebook.

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BBM Adds Stickers to Chat, Why Won’t Apple Make Messaging More Entertaining?

BBM 1Canada-based Blackberry just announced that its cross-platform chat client, BBM, has just received an update. You can finally add a little emotion to those conversations you have with the few remaining people on the planet that still use a Blackberry. So, when you text your boss that you are too sick to come into the office today, you can add a little puking illustration to get the point across.

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Apple Releases TD-LTE Ready iPad Air and mini for Chinese Market

iPad AirToday, Apple announced that its most current model of iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display is now compatible on China’s TD-LTE network. China has been selling cellular-compatible models of Apple’s newest tablets for a few months now, but the devices were not yet compatible with the country’s TD-LTE network. Today’s launch makes it possible for users to connect on China Mobile’s 4G network.

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Bump Your iPad Storage to 2TB with LaCie’s Fuel Wireless Drive

211 Fuel_with_iPad

One of the things holding me back from adopting my iPad as my primary computer is its storage capacity limitation. I’m too cheap to get the LTE version and then pay for a bunch of cloud storage but perhaps there are other options which can provide a one time financial investment. LaCie, for example, offers a portable hard drive which is both wireless and battery operated, which might be the perfect solution for someone like me.

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MLB at Bat iPad App Get’s Update Ahead of 2014 Baseball Season

210 MLB

Baseball season is right around the corner and MLB At Bat has been updated to accommodate the new rules and procedures which are premiering this season. The biggest change to the app is the expansion of the instant replay into all regular and post season games. Honestly I sometimes wonder why we don’t put all of the refs in a room filled with screens and let them officiate with perfect viewing angles, but that of course would be absolute heresy… and way too fair.

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Samsung Embraces New Strategy to Beat Apple in Patent Court Battle

209 Samsung

Samsung and Apple are back in court for another round of patent litigation and Samsung is attempting to reduce the worth of Apple’s (and their own) inventions. The truth is that Samsung has been introducing a lot of innovative features for their own phones and tablets but no one seems interested in stealing those ideas and yet they are still using features they stole from Apple. If they can manage to lower the value of such inventions, then they are going to reduce the amount of money owed when they lose.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: Improving Battery Life in iOS 7.1

iPad BatteryBattery power is a source of frustration for many iPad owners, especially those of us who spend a lot of time playing games and watching movies. That whole 10-hour battery life seems like a myth in my household. Since Apple updated to iOS 7.1, I could swear the battery drains even faster than before. While there hasn’t been any official information, I don’t think I’m the only one to notice this problem.

We’ve got a couple of tips and tricks that might help keep your battery a few percent higher than average. We have already shown you how to preserve battery life, but Apple implemented some new features in iOS 7 and 7.1 that may be affecting your power This tutorial is for the new operating system.

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BeHere App – A New App Aimed at Teachers Uses Apple’s New Bluetooth LE iBeacon Technology

208 BeHere

As a teacher I am very interested in new technology and finding ways to bring it into the classroom. A new app called BeHere uses the iBeacon feature in iOS 7 to allow teachers to automatically record attendance and receive question alerts using iOS devices. While I love the idea of an easy way to track students and get them involved using mobile technology, there are a couple questions that aren’t clearly answered.

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Humor: In Response to Facebook’s Acquisition of Oculus VR, Yelp Launches ‘Yelpulus Rift’ Using iPad

Yelpulus Rift 2The big news this week in the tech world was the discovery that Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion. Not long after the new hit the street, a group of engineers with a sense of humor created the Yelpulus Rift for Yelp’s Hack-a-thon 13. The team who claims to have “augmented augmented reality” shows off their innovative new product using an iPad, a bicycle helmet, a soda can, and some duct tape.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice – Star Wars: Assualt Team

Star Wars Assault Team 1Last September, Konami launched a digital collectable card game (CCG) that featured official characters and sounds from the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars Force Collection was a blast to play, but frankly looked pretty bad. The graphics were subpar and the game mechanics were not up to the standards of what current technology can support.

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