Federal Judge Who Ruled Apple Violated Antitrust Law is Unhappy with Settlement Agreement

iBooks iOS 7

Earlier this month, Apple’s settlement agreement in its antitrust case was made public. Although nearly half the price the prosecuting judge was originally seeking, the settlement appeared to be reasonable as the Department of Justice agreed to it.

Last week, the ruling judge in the case, Denise Cote, publicly noted in a teleconference on the matter that she found some portions of the settlement “most troubling,” including the stipulation that Apple may only be required to pay $70 million if the appeals court reversed her findings.

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European Union Approves Apple’s $3 Billion Beats Acquisition

Beats and Apple

When Apple announced plans to acquire Beats Music and Beats Electronics for $3 billion, the only real hurdle was whether the world would consider the merger to be a monopoly of sorts. If federal or international regulators found that the Apple-Beats union would create an unfair leg up against market competitors, the acquisition would not have been able to go through.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Create Different Signatures for Email Accounts

How to Add Different Signatures to Email 3

Most people have at least two different email accounts these days. Typically, the average person has a personal email account and a work-related email account. However, some have many more. There is the throwaway spam catcher, the eBay or Craigslist responder, and the secret one that no one else knows about. You get the idea.

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British Hospital’s iPad Pilot Improves Patient Care and Reduces Mortality Rates


As Apple gets ready to launch its Health app in iOS 8, news is coming in from a variety of places how iOS devices are being used to help doctors and patients better communicate. Today, British news site Gazette Live is reporting that James Cook University Hospital and the Friarage have rolled out iPad and iPod touch programs that could literally save lives.

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Apple Looks to Strengthen iTunes Radio with $30 Million ‘Swell Radio’ Acquisitions

Swell Radio

According to information coming from Re/code, Apple has its eye on streaming media app Swell Radio. The news and podcast style app has been called the “Pandora-for-talk-radio.” If the report proves to be true, it is possible that Apple’s Podcast app will get an overhaul or iTunes Radio will generate more news content.

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iOS 7 Helped Me Get My Stolen iPad Back

268 iPad Air

On Friday morning my iPad was stolen. Technically I left it on the roof of my car and in a distracted moment I drove away, but by the time I realized what I had done it was no where to be found. I will never know if someone snatched it before I left or if it fell off the roof as I sped down the highway and yet as I write this it is sitting next to me once again thanks to iOS 7, a payoff, and a baseball bat.

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Best Apps For Attending San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con

The 2014 San Diego Comic Convention takes place this weekend from July 24 – 27. If you have ever attended the epic multi-day event, you probably know just how hard it is to navigate the convention and the entire city.

We’ve got a list of apps for attending the San Diego Comic Con that will help get you through the line sitting, comic collection, and late-night munchies.

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Limited Edition UE BOOM Designed by Skateboard Artist Don Pendleton Available Now

UE BOOM Jettison Edition2

My favorite mobile Bluetooth speaker is getting a new look. Today, Ultimate Ears, the music department for Logitech, announced another limited edition version of the UE BOOM. This time, artist Don Pendleton is in charge of the one-of-a-kind graphic design.

The Jettison Edition UE BOOM sports the iconic cubist doodle that Pendleton is known for. The color scheme runs in a muted palate of blues with a smattering of yellow. Fans of Pendleton will be familiar with the triangular owl design that peppers the speaker grate.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Magic 2015 Brings 20 Years of Trading Card Games to the iPad

Magic 2015 1

In 1993, Wizards of the Coast launched a trading card game that would change the tabletop gaming world.  More than 20 years later, Magic: The Gathering has become a cultural phenomenon, bringing together fans of fantasy fiction from around the world in epic tournaments and massive social events. Now, the game can be played online, so fans don’t even have to go anywhere in order to enjoy a quick round.

Last year, Wizards of the Coast brought the magic of Magic to the iPad with much success. Magic 2015, which launched earlier this month, is the next installment of the trading card game.

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Fantastical Gets Snooze and Improved Calendar Search Features in Latest iPad Update

Fantastical 2

The “Snooze Bar” is something we are used to seeing on our alarm clocks. It’s 6:00 a.m. and you just need five (or maybe 10) more minutes of sleep. The snooze feature gives you just a few more minutes to finish that dream. A snooze bar on a calendar seems unnatural, but at the same time, makes complete sense.

I can think of quite a few times when I’ve needed to put off a task for an hour. I normally reschedule the event so I’ll get a notification again when I’m ready. This week, Flexibits added a feature to their popular calendar app that lets you snooze your events or reminders, just like you would on your alarm clock.

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