Analyst Predicts Apple will Sell at Least 30 Million iWatch Units in 2015

iWatch Mockup by Eric Huisman

The iWatch rumor mill is back in business. We didn’t hear even a whisper of the possibility from Apple that a wearable computer was in the pipeline. However, the tech world is frothing at the mouth for the health and fitness companion watch that is supposedly on the Horizon.

Today, BMO Capital Markets analyst Keith Bachman has generated a prediction for iWatch sales in its first year of business. According to AppleInsider, Bachman sent a note to investors claiming that Apple will sell at least 33.5 million iWatch devices in 2015.

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ZooGue Launches Three New iPad Cases for Every Need

ZooGue iPad Air Prodigy Elite

There are different kinds of iPad owners in the world. Some use the Apple tablet for watching movies, browsing the Internet, and checking emails. Others use it for games, games, games. Still others take their iPad with them to the office and on the go as a productivity device. This week, ZooGue announced the launch of three new cases that are the perfect fit for every type of iPad user.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Retro Hit VVVVVV and Mini Game Super Gravitron


Super Hexagon creator, Terry Cavahagh created a unique platformer game back in 2010 for PC that was eventually ported to DS3 and is now available on iOS. Although not an actual flashback, this game is definitely the perfect example of retro gaming done right. In addition to bringing the full game to iOS.

VVVVVV is a 2-D pixelated platformer staring a smiley-faced gravity-flipping guy who is on a mission to save his friends and escape from the space station before it is destroyed. Instead of jumping over dangerous gaps, flip upside down and walk on the ceiling.

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Angry Birds Epic Launches in App Store, Let the Adventure Begin

Angry Birds Epic 3

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I am not exactly a fan of Angry Birds. I’m not one of those people who stop liking things once they get popular. I was never particularly interested in the knock-em-down physics based gameplay. I’m more of a fan of role-playing games (RPG). I like to build teams of fighters who go on dangerous quests to find treasure and rescue others.

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Amazon Adds Streaming Music Service, Free for Prime Members

Amazon Prime Music 3

Amazon is making it harder and harder to be an Apple loyalist. With my $99 annual Prime membership, not only do I get free shipping on most of my online purchases, but I also get to watch a fairly large selection of movies and television shows. The company recently released a set-top box with just enough features to make me split my time between Fire TV and Apple TV. Today, Amazon announced that it is adding streaming music to the list of media content that Prime members have access to.

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Apple Patents New iPad Smart Cover which Displays Push Notifications

249 Case1

Apple offers relatively few case accessories for their line of iPads, but the ones they do offer are known for a high level of quality and functionality. Push notifications are continuing to grow in popularity in iOS and OS X so a new Smart Cover with advanced display functionality makes perfect sense, which is exactly what is in a new patent application filed by Apple this week.

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Developer Hacks iOS 8 Simulator to Reveal iPads New Split Screen Mode

ios 8 split screen 1

In the months leading up to the 2014 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), lots of rumors came out regarding what Apple had in store for iOS 8. Some rumors became fact. Others were sadly left off. One of the features we were hoping to see in the next big update was the rumored split screen. On Monday, developer Steven Troughton-Smith discovered coding in iOS 8 that points to the split screen feature. With a bit of digging and hacking, Troughton-Smith has managed to get it working on an iPad simulator. Looks like we will see the feature sometime in the future.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: iPads Make it Possible for Students With Disabilities to Play in School Band


This morning, I heard an interesting story on NPR that warmed my heart. A high school in Queens, New York is using iPads to help learning disabled children have the opportunity to play in the school band. In PS 177, the “Technology Band” uses iPads alongside traditional instruments for its members, all of whom have disabilities.

The Technology Band consists of 12 disabled students, most of them with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Member Tobi Lakes, 15, plays the keyboard and guitar. Both are played using an iPad. His app of choice is Thumb Jam, which he shreds to Jeff Beck’s version of Puccini’s “Nesun Dorma.” He taps out the notes on his touchscreen as he rocks out to the music.

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Stranded Traveler Uses iOS Device to Make Epic Music Video for ‘All By Myself’

Stranded Traveler 1

Canadian Richard Dunn was recently on a 10-day work related trip in Las Vegas. At the McCarran International Airport, he was offered a healthy sum in Delta Airlines vouchers in exchange for giving up his seat on two consecutive flights. While waiting until 6:00 a.m. the next morning in the Vegas airport for the next flight out with his very understanding wife, Dunn decided that he needed a project to pass the time. The result is a five-minute music video, filmed and edited by Dunn, that really shows what kind of things a person can think up when they are alone in a major airport.

The video shows Dunn in various situations, lip-syncing to Celine Dion’s version of Eric Carmen’s ballad, “All By Myself.” He can be seen sitting alone in a ticketing gate, standing in front of the airport sign, and resting below the women’s restroom sign as he belts out the sincere words of a lonely heart.

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iPad and iPhone Ransom Hackers Arrested in Russia


Two weeks ago, word started to spread that a malicious hacker or group of hackers had figured out a way to invade unsuspecting iOS device users’ software systems and were locking people out of access to their devices. The hackers would gain access to a device’s system and would send a notification to the victim’s iPhone or iPad that read, “device hacked by Ogel Plis. For unlock device OK.” The attackers were asking for victims to send money through a PayPal account in exchange for release of the locked system.

Today, Re/code reported that Russia’s Interior Ministry’s cyber crime department, Directorate K, claims to have arrested two of the hackers involved in the incident. One cyber criminal is still a teenager while the other is only in his early 20s. Read More »

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