Recent Hospital Study Finds iPads Calm Kids Better than Sedatives

iPad hospital

My nephew can get a little wild sometimes. He gets overly excited and it just, sort of, takes off. He calls it “running around crazy.” I can always calm him down by pulling out my iPad and opening one of his favorite interactive books (although, he’d usually prefer Minecraft). He can sit for hours, reading the pages of books, exploring activities, and listening to the read-to-me narration. It relaxes him.

According to a recent study in the Pediatric Anesthesia journal, playing with an iPad before going under could actually relax children more than a sedative would. They are able to calm down with distractions, without needing a mind-altering medication to help them.

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22Cans Launches Much Anticipated Godus iPad Game

Godus 3

The “God Game” genre has just been turned upside down with the recent launch of 22Cas’ newest submission to the App Store. Play God as you grow your subjects’ villages, help them survive harsh winters, and punish them for not paying enough attention to you. You are in control of the fate of your people. Don’t forget that you exist because they believe in you.

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Artist Uses Tortoises as iPad Mounts, Raises Concerns of Animal Abuse

iPad Tortoise Mount 1

The newly constructed Aspen Art Museum in Colorado is planning on hosting an art exhibition this weekend. The big unveiling party will take place on the building’s rooftop sculpture garden. Artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s installation, “Moving Ghost Town” will be on display. Oh, and three African sulcata (also known as “spurred”) tortoises will have iPads mounted to their shells.

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NFL Now App Brings Personalized Video Service to iPad

NFL Now 2

Just in time for the 2014 American football season, the National Football League (NFL) launched a new app that allows users to keep up to date on all things related to the pigskin. By picking your favorite teams before you get started, your viewing experience will be customized just for you.

NFL Now is the newest delivery method for news and updates on the professional football league. You’ll be able to see a personalized video stream relating to your favorite teams, players, and coaches, right on your iPad or iPhone.

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Security Concerns Push Chinese to Ban Government Purchases of Apple Products

Apple in China

It appears another country is cutting Apple devices from its list of acceptable devices. A few months ago, the Russian government dropped its iPad program amid concerns that the U.S. government might intercept important confidential information. Although Russian officials pointed to “American special services” as the reason for the switch to Samsung devices, Apple is the one losing out.

Today, Bloomberg revealed a similar stance taken in China. In a government procurement list, the National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance omitted Apple’s iPad, iPad mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

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Apple Campus 2 Under Construction, New Aerial View Shows Progress

Apple Campus 2 3

It was June of 2011 when the world first heard that Apple was looking to build the revolutionary new headquarters for the corporate offices. Due to its unusual shape and incredible features (like solar panels, an underground parking structure and fruit trees planted in a forested courtyard), Apple Campus 2 has been dubbed a “space ship.”

By October of 2013, Cupertino’s city council unanimously approved the project, which began demolition at the end of the year. The campus isn’t expected to be completed until sometime in 2016, but construction is now underway.

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Apple Touts App Store has Created 497,000 Jobs in Europe


Apple is a better job creator than the U.S. government and spreads its success across the world. That’s what the iPad maker wants Europe to know. According to recent research findings, nearly half-a-million jobs have been created in Europe as a direct result of the App Store.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: iPad Etch-A-Sketch Dials

DIY Etch A Sketch Dials 4

You may recall last week when Team Coco host Matt Walsh showed us how to make our own iPad from household items. Walsh uses an Etch-A-Sketch as the display screen. While I don’t recommend you follow the rest of his tutorial, it did remind me of a fun do-it-yourself project I found that lets you add drawing knobs to your iPad, Etch-A-Sketch style.

This homemade controller is meant to be used with the Etch-A-Sketch app or any other compatible dial-drawing app. Once completed, you can stick the dials on the iPad screen and spin your artistic vision.

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Apple’s Tim Cook Says July App Store Revenue hit new Record High

272 Apple Revenue

It seems the economy is doing pretty well right now because Apple’s App Store made more money than ever before last month. The truth is that my family played its part by downloading new games and movies for vacation travels. My kids may have helped more than usual by downloading a few extra games after discovering their mom’s iPhone let them download anything they want for 15 minutes after she enters her password.

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Apple to Showcase New iPhones During September 9 Event


Well, it isn’t official, but it is just about as confirmed as it can get. According to John Paczkowski of Re/code, Apple has scheduled a special media event for Tuesday, Sept. 9. Traditionally, Apple holds two big media events in the fall. One is for the launch of the new. iPhone in early to mid September and the other usually takes place in October for the launch of the new iPad.

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