Apple Touts App Store has Created 497,000 Jobs in Europe


Apple is a better job creator than the U.S. government and spreads its success across the world. That’s what the iPad maker wants Europe to know. According to recent research findings, nearly half-a-million jobs have been created in Europe as a direct result of the App Store.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: iPad Etch-A-Sketch Dials

DIY Etch A Sketch Dials 4

You may recall last week when Team Coco host Matt Walsh showed us how to make our own iPad from household items. Walsh uses an Etch-A-Sketch as the display screen. While I don’t recommend you follow the rest of his tutorial, it did remind me of a fun do-it-yourself project I found that lets you add drawing knobs to your iPad, Etch-A-Sketch style.

This homemade controller is meant to be used with the Etch-A-Sketch app or any other compatible dial-drawing app. Once completed, you can stick the dials on the iPad screen and spin your artistic vision.

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Apple’s Tim Cook Says July App Store Revenue hit new Record High

272 Apple Revenue

It seems the economy is doing pretty well right now because Apple’s App Store made more money than ever before last month. The truth is that my family played its part by downloading new games and movies for vacation travels. My kids may have helped more than usual by downloading a few extra games after discovering their mom’s iPhone let them download anything they want for 15 minutes after she enters her password.

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Apple to Showcase New iPhones During September 9 Event


Well, it isn’t official, but it is just about as confirmed as it can get. According to John Paczkowski of Re/code, Apple has scheduled a special media event for Tuesday, Sept. 9. Traditionally, Apple holds two big media events in the fall. One is for the launch of the new. iPhone in early to mid September and the other usually takes place in October for the launch of the new iPad.

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Steve Jobs Wanted to Build a Nationwide Free Wi-Fi Network for iPad an iPhone Users


Over the past two decades, Internet access has gone from being somewhat of a luxury to practically a necessity. It wasn’t long ago that people were using the Internet for things like chat forums, accessing news content, and finding something entertaining to do on a Tuesday night. Nowadays, people need Internet access for work, school, and communication with friends and family.

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs saw the future of the Internet and had big dreams for how he could make it accessible to everyone. Re/code co-founder Walt Mossberg has been working in the tech industry for as long as the Internet has been popularized. Today, he wrote an opinion piece in which he discusses previous conversations with Jobs regarding open Wi-Fi sharing.

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Apple’s Move to Diversify iPhone and iPad Supply Chain is Hurting Samsung’s Profits

Apple A7 Chip

We reported last month that Apple had finally broken its reliance on Samsung for the A-series processor chip. According to the Wall Street Journal, TSMC had picked up a large portion of the manufacturing of Apple’s iPhone and iPad chips. Today, the Wall Street Journal has all but confirmed that earlier rumor with a statement right from the “horses mouth,” so to speak.

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Newly Publish Patent Shows iPad Backside As Game Controller

Apple Patent Backside Controller 3

With the release of iOS 7, Apple made it possible for third-party accessory makers to design officially compatible controllers under the “Made for iOS” or MFi nomenclature. It turns out, Apple has had its sights on developing a different kind of gaming experience all the way back in 2011. This version deals with hidden buttons on the backside of the iPad.

Apple Patent 8,799,803, which was recently granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, shows a number of configurable input devices pertaining to a virtual keyboard for laptops and desktops. There is also a section dedicated to sensors on the backside of the iPad with corresponding imaging within the touch screen on the front.

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Flappy Bird Returns, But Not on iOS

Flappy Bird 1

As promised a few months ago, developer Dong Nguyen released Flappy Bird in August. However, something he forgot to mention at the time was that the game has a few major changes and it is only available on the Amazon Fire TV platform at this time. It looks like iPad-owning fans will still have to wait for the return on iOS.

As discovered by IGN, the Amazon Android app store has been gifted with Nguyen’s incredibly popular Flappy Bird title. This new version is called “Flappy Birds Family” and includes multiplayer mode, which is player vs. player, and includes even more obstacles than before. It is only available on Amazon Fire TV.

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Fifth Beta of iOS 8 Now Available to Developers


If past experience is any indication of what is coming up with iOS 8, the public launch of Apple’s next big update to its mobile operating system will arrive in approximately six weeks. Today’s launch of Beta 5 to developers is a positive indication that we will see iOS ready for download sometime in mid to late September.

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2K Bringing Full BioShock to iPad and iPhone Later this Summer

BioShock Main

Today, 2K Games announced that one of their biggest titles would soon make its way to the App Store. BioShock first appeared on the scene in 2007 and was such a big hit that a film adaptation was in the works for years (the project was canned by creator Ken Levine), a popular sequel and subsequent parallel timeline game made their way into living rooms across the U.S., and various books and soundtracks have launched in the past seven years.

Today’s announcement is the first time the BioShock phenomenon will be made available on iOS. Similar to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, this is a full port of the original game, complete with MFi controller compatibility.

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