JetBlue Aims to Improve Customer Service by Giving all In-Flight Crewmembers iPad minis


You may have noticed when you order a drink during a flight that more and more airlines are moving toward the use of digital technology to allow you to pay for it. Instead of requiring cash only, JetBlue crewmembers will soon be able to charge your drink order using an iPad mini.

JetBlue’s new premium service, Mint flights, which is offered to travelers between New York and Los Angeles, will be some of the first to use the iPad mini technology onboard. By April of 2015, all crew members across the airline will be using the device.

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Tom Hanks Releases Manual Typewriter App for iPad

276 Hanx

Actor Tom Hanks has released his first iPad app which is an accurate recreation of three manual typewriters. It could have easily been a gimmicky app that is used once or twice, but this is something different. The attention to detail and the overall aesthetic of Hanx Writer makes this an app you’ll enjoy typing with for hours on end.

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Apple Improves Green Cred – Bans two Toxic Chemicals in iPad and iPhone Manufacturing


Over the past few years, Apple has made a point to show that they are working to become greener and safer for workers. In 2012, Apple became the first tech company to join the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and earlier this year, Greenpeace applauded the company’s Apple Campus II clean energy design.

One big issue that has come up in the past was the fact that Apple has allowed suppliers to use two very toxic chemicals, benzene and n-hexane, during the manufacturing of iPhones and iPads. Today, Apple announced it would ban the use of the chemicals for production of devices from now on.

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Square Enix Launches Free-to-Play Soccer Management Game Ahead of Official Season

Champ Man 15 5

Around the globe, football fans (called soccer in the U.S.) are getting ready for the biggest season in sports to begin. The Permier League Season starts Aug. 16, but fans can quell their excitement today with Square Enix’s newest sports game, Champ Man 15.

Champ Man 15 is a free-to-play team management game with thousands of players in the club. Manage any one of more than 400 clubs from 23 leagues and customize your player experience. Track your team as they compete for the championship in realistic fast matches specifically designed for iOS.

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Apple’s Phil Schiller Dumps Ice Water on his Head for Charity, Challenges Tim Cook to do the Same

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” has been spreading like wildfire across the nation. A person called on the Ice Bucket Challenge can either dump a bucket of ice water on his head (pictures, or it didn’t happen), or donate to the ALS Association to support research for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), or both. It has become so popular that the likes of Justin Timberlake, Chris Christie, and Jimmy Fallon have taken up the challenge. Recently, celebrities in the tech world have started making their support of ALS research known.

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iPads Banned from Manchester Football Stadium


At a time when Americans are embracing the use of iPads in sports, England is heading the opposite direction, banning the use of them by spectators in one Manchester stadium.

The Manchester United Football Club, an English professional football team, recently sent a message to fans that iPads and other tablet devices would no longer be allowed inside the Old Trafford Stadium, home to the Red Devils.

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Siri’s Cheeky Personality Seems Ominous When Used By Murder Suspect to Hide Body

Siri Hide Body 2012

We all know that Siri has a cheeky sense of humor. Ask her where she was born or what her favorite color is and she will respond with something clever. You could spend hours trying to find Siri’s “Easter Eggs.”

One famous statement Siri makes is in regards to where a person can “hide a body.” It is a funny little quip with no ill intent. When asked, Siri would respond, “ What kind of places are you looking for? Swamps, Reservoirs, Metal Foundries, Dumps.”

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Amazon Takes on PayPal and Square with New iOS Ready ‘Local Register’ Payment System

275 hero_foodtruck_retina

Amazon is continuing it’s push into new markets with a service called Amazon Local Register, which is an instant competitor with Square and PayPal. Not only does Amazon have immediate name recognition, they also understand how to handle this type of commerce on an enormous scale.

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Apple ‘Slightly More Diverse’ Than Other Tech Companies, Tim Cook Not Happy With Report


Yesterday, Apple released statistics regarding the company’s diversity of employees. Of the, nearly 100,000 employees the company has under its umbrella, 55 percent are white, 15 percent are Asian, 11 percent are Hispanic, and seven percent are black. Although Apple’s numbers show more diversity than other tech companies in the U.S., CEO Tim Cook expressed disappointment in the report’s findings.

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Apple Creates Tribute to Comedian Robin Williams


The world let out a grief-stricken cry on Monday when news of actor and comedian Robin Williams’ death was announced. For people of my generation, Williams was part of our lives. I laughed when Mork from Ork sat on his head and cried when Dr. Sayer brought Leonard out of his catatonic state. I grew up with Williams. His life, as well as his death, has had a big impact on me. I’m not alone.

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