PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: Comic Book Themed iPad Stand

DIY Comic Book Stand 1

In honor of the San Diego Comic Convention that is taking place July 24 – 27, we’ve got a very simple DIY iPad stand that uses up those old 1990s comics you have stored in a moldy box in your basement. You know they are worthless, since no one wants to collect comic books from that decade. So, why not turn them into something you do want?

This project comes from an Instructables project by DIYer and comic collector tbarklay. His post involves “5 Cheap-as-Free Things to Make from Old Comics.” We are focusing on the iPad stand, for obvious reasons.

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New iPad Gadget and Compatible App Renders Anything in 3-D, Anything


Tech startup Occipital recently successfully funded a camera that attaches to the iPad and takes 3-D images of objects. It, along with the compatible app make it possible for you to turn anything into a 3-D object that you can then upload into a cloud storage and use for video game avatars, 3-D printing, and more.

Using the Structure Sensor, users scan every angle of an object in order to stitch them together to create a virtual 3-D object. The itSeez3D is an app that reads the information from the Structure Sensor and processes it into the desired object. The captured images are then uploaded to a 3-D compatible cloud storage, like Sketchfab, so they can be used for things like video game avatars, 3-D printer models, and more.

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Apple Releases Statement Denying Backdoor Vulnerabilities


Yesterday, the tech world was abuzz with news of security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski’s Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE/X) talk. At the conference, Zdziarski claimed to have discovered undocumented surveillance mechanisms that essentially leave a back door open for Apple, the government, and criminals to access non-diagnostic related personal information.

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Rumor of the Day: Apple Designing 30 Percent Thinner ‘iPad mini Air’

iPad Mini

A very sketchy rumor has filtered through the pipeline today suggesting that Apple is in the process of designing a new version of the iPad mini that will be 30 percent thinner than the current model. The same report also suggests that the iPad Pro is on track to launch in 2015.

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Best Buy Offering More Apple Sales With 15 Percent Off iTunes Gift Card

Best Buy iTunes Gift Card SaleBest Buy might be the most prolific company around when it comes to offering discounts and deals on Apple products, today, as discovered by iDownloadBlog, the retail giant is offering $15 off of $100 iTunes gift card.

The deal is quite simple. Visit the company’s website and add the $100 iTunes gift card to your cart. Upon checkout, you will only be charged $85. This is a physical card that will be mailed to you. The sale does not include digital downloads of gift cards. However, shipping of the item is free with this sale.

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iOS 8 Beta 4 Now Available for Developers


As time ticks closer to the public launch of iOS 8, Apple has just released to fourth beta to developers. About a month ago, we learned that the new mobile software system would include a city tours feature in Maps that works in conjunction with Flyover. Beta 4 appears to mainly be built to focus on bug fixes. However, it may soon be discovered that Apple has tucked away some more cool features for us to get excited about.

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Another Hacker Claims Apple Purposefully Includes Backdoor Vulnerability in iOS


Hackers and security researchers are constantly trying to dig up dirt on Apple and it’s closed in software design. We regularly hear security firms claiming that Apple has vulnerabilities in Messages or location-based services. At this year’s Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE/X) conference, forensic scientist Jonathan Zdziarski (AKA: NerveGas) claimed to have discovered a number of “undocumented high-value forensic services” running on all iOS devices.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Store Credit Card Info on your iPad Using iCloud Keychain

Store Credit Cards in iCloud Keychain 1

If you are excited about iOS 8’s ability to allow apps to use Safari’s AutoFill feature to populate your personal credentials, you may want to get ready for it ahead of time. If you are not already actively using iCloud in Safari to store your credit card information but want to have it handy for the new features coming soon, we’ve got a quick tutorial for how to add the information on your iPad so it is available across all your iOS and OS X devices in the future.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Swords & Poker Adventures

Swords & Poker Adventures 5

You may have already figured out that I am a fan of collectable card games and battle card games. Some of you out there may think of the card game genre as a bit too intimidating, what with all the mana, hit points, and magical items involved. If you are intrigued, but don’t want to commit to something so in-depth, KONAMI has just released a game that will bring you into the fantasy gaming world without making you learn all those card game rules. If you know how to play poker, you will win big and destroy your enemy at the same time.

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Apple’s 2014 iTunes Festival Line-Up Announced

iTunes Festival 2014

Apple’s eighth annual music festival is coming back to London’s Roundhouse this September and the line-up is already looking pretty amazing. According to an announcement earlier this morning, the 30-day shebang will feature more than 60 acts that fans can watch for free on iOS, OS X, and Apple TV.

So far, the September lineup includesMaroon 5, Pharrell Williams, Beck, Sam Smith, Blondie, Kylie, David Guetta, 5 Seconds of Summer, Calvin Harris, Chrissie Hynde. Of course, this is just a few of the bands that will rock the stage at the month-long event.

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