Apple Officially Rolls Out the Welcome Mat for Beats

Beats Apple Welcome

Not long ago, we were talking about that strange YouTube video where hints about Dr. Dre becoming the first billionaire in hip-hop were spouted off, followed by the tech world’s jaw dropping to the floor at the official announcement that Apple would Acquire Beats Electronics and Beats Music for a scant $3 billion. Today, Apple opened its loving arms to its newly adopted children with a warm welcome on a dedicated page of the company website.

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Wiki Overhauls iPad and iPhone App – Now Faster and Editing Support

270 wikipedia_logo_detail

Wikipedia Mobile version 4.0 is now available and offers several key new features, including the ability to edit entries. Wikipedia has become an integral part of the internet and since it is based on the premise that everyone can contribute, it makes sense that editing would finally be added. This is unfortunate timing for Congress where Wikipedia was recently blocked because childish staff members kept changing opposing party members’ entries.

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Jules Verne-Inspired Interactive Adventure Book ’80 Days’ Now Available on iPad and iPhone

80 Days 4

Imagine what it was like during the age of invention, when cars, airships, and electricity were a new thing. The world would seem vast and nothing would be impossible to the imagination. In Inkle’s newest adventure book, you can live that experience as you journey around the world with the indelible Phileas Fogg as you help him win a bet that he can travel the globe in less than three months.

In 80 Days, players take on the role of Fogg’s valet, Passerpartout, as the duo embarks on a life-changing adventure. You will be asked to choose your response to conversations and situations and everything you say and do will have an effect on things around you.

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Microsoft Office Adds PDF Export, Presenter View and Pivot Table Support in Latest Update

Microsoft Office 2

Office for iPad, Microsoft’s robust iOS version of its popular productivity suite has just received an update with a few major new features. Just yesterday, the company added document insertion and better sharing features to OneNote. Today, the three apps that make up Office have each received some major changes that users have been asking for.

The first major update to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iPad comes with some of the most requested features from users over the past four months since their release on the iPad.

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Blood Bowl for iPad now Available in App Store

 Blood Bowl 1

Well, they promised it would be available this July and Focus Home Interactive made good on that promise, not a day too late. Today, Blood Bowl for tablets made its debut on both iOS and Google Play. Now, you can choose your side, either Human or Orc, and toss the pigskin in a match to the death.

Blood Bowl is a port of the PC version that is a digital recreation of the 1986 board game of the same name. It is an American football game based in the Warhammer world. Warhammer is a strategy role-playing game with a fantasy fiction based environment.

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iOS 8 App Extension Feature Will Make 1Password More Robust on iPad and iPhone

1Password App Extension

Last month, Apple demonstrated key new features in the upcoming iOS 8 software update. One feature, app extensions, allows third-party apps the ability to share content between each other. Yesterday, AgileBits announced that it has created a documentation code that will allow other apps to access 1Password quickly and easily, so you won’t have to open the security service to access its content.

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SEGA Releases Crazy Taxi: City Rush for iPad and iPhone

Crazy Taxi City Rush 5

When your favorite childhood memories are brought back to life years later, it can be an anxious experience. As games, toys, and movies are reinvented for the modern age, the things that made them fun for us as kids can be forgotten in the redesign. I’ve had plenty of disappointing moments in my lifetime as my favorite games get dragged through the mud and turned into something completely different than the things I loved.

When SEGA announced that it was reinventing Crazy Taxi for a new generation, I was immediately wary of what was to come. When I found out that the game’s original creator, Kenji Kanno, was on board for this version’s design, my fears were lessened, although not completely dismissed.

After Crazy Taxi: City Rush launched today in the App Store, I went into the gameplay with scrutiny. It is different. Very different. However, my memories have not been dragged through the mud as I feared. It is actually a pretty good game.

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PadGadget’s Sound Stage: iKlip Stage Now Live in the App Store

iklip stage 5

A few weeks ago, IK Multimedia launched a new, universal version of their microphone-compatible iPad mount, the iKlip Xpand. Prior to launch, the company hinted at a new stage app to help musicians keep track of sheet music, lyrics, and more. Today, that on-stage assistant is available in the App Store. Use it in conjunction with the iRing or iRig BlueBoard for hands-free page turning.

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FreedomPop Now Offers iPad Owners Free Talk, Text and Data in the US


I have never owned a cellular enabled iPad. When I think about the way I use my tablet, I know that there won’t be many times when I’ll need access to the Internet and won’t be able to connect to free Wi-Fi. It is not financially smart for me to invest more monthly charges on a device that I won’t need to use a data plan for very often. If I could somehow get free data, I’d purchase an iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular just so I can have the option if I need it.

FredomPop has just made that possible. FreedomPop is a service that offers free limited Internet service for smartphone devices. Today, the company added a select few tablets to its line of products that can take advantage of free data, calls, and text messages.

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Russian Natural Gas Giant Gazprom Gives CEO $3 Million Custom-Made iPad-Like Tablet


Corporations offer all manner of incentives to get well known executives to join their ranks. We’ve heard of access to private jets, car services, incredible vacation and retirement packages. However, have you ever heard of a CEO getting a $3 million iPad? For that matter, what in the world would cost $3 million on an iPad? Is it gold-plated or something?

In fact, it is not. This expensive gift doesn’t have any bling on the outside. The cost is in the software. According to Bloomberg, the tablet is being custom-built to help Russian natural gas corporation Gazprom’s CEO, Alexey Miller, manage the company better while away from the desk.

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