Supply Chain Ramps Up Production of Next-Gen iPad Air

 iPad Air 2

Information coming in from component-makers show that the supply chain is turning up the heat on production as Apple prepares for the launch of the second-generation iPad Air this fall.

According to DigiTimes, Apple has placed orders and various component manufacturers are gearing up. There is no information as to the number of units Apple is ordering. However, unnamed sources claim that non-Apple supply chains expect limited orders due to the conservative outlook on tablets during the second half of 2014.

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Apple Warns Developers not to Store Health Data in iCloud


This week, hackers were able to gain access to a number of celebrities’ Photo Streams and posted nude photos for the world to see. The iCloud invasion has created much fear regarding Apple’s supposedly secure cloud storage service.

The iPad maker also released an official statement regarding the issue, claiming that the access to iOS user data was not a breach in iCloud, but a targeted attack using brute force on victims’ information.

Brute force or not, the fact that hackers were able to gain access to personal data that we thought was totally secure brings up a lot of questions about just how safe our privacy is, including medical information that Apple hopes we will be tracking in iOS 8.

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PadGadget’s DIY Project Spotlight: Travel Mobile Device Charging Station

 DIY Travel Charging Station 1

When I take a trip, I bring with me my iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. My traveling companions, depending on who they are, will always have at least a cell phone, but will also likely have a tablet on them as well. If we are sharing a hotel room, which I tend to do to save money, the available plugs are quickly filled with various wall chargers. Sometimes, plugs that were already occupied with lamps, alarm clocks, and coffee makers will be taken, as well.

What I really need is a compact charging station that only requires one plug, but will charge multiple devices at once. EurekaFactory came up with the perfect solution with a simple, easy Instructables project.

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Apple Says Celebrity Photo Leak was not Due to iCloud Breach

05 Hack

iOS 8 and new mobile devices are expected in under a week so it’s no surprise that Apple has been scrambling to defend its security in the wake of the celebrity photo leaks. If consumer trust is weakened by the incident, then the new HealthKit and rumored wallet features may struggle to gain traction because of the sensitive nature of the data they will be storing.

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Reddit Finally Launches Official iOS App for Popular Ask Me Anything Q&A

AMA - Official Reddit 4

Reddit might be the most popular Internet website aggregate ever. The barebones website lists tens of thousands of articles every day that are user submitted and mostly a complete waste of time, but fun just the same. Reddit has no official iOS app. Maybe that’s because the website is so simplistic that it isn’t difficult to see the same thing on smaller screens without needing any special designs.

Today, the company launched an official app specifically for catching up on the website’s popular Ask Me Anything (AMA) question and answer sessions. Unfortunately, it isn’t optimized for the iPad. However, I’ve been reading it on my 9.7-inch screen in 2X zoom mode, and it doesn’t look half bad. Read More »

New Sources Claim iWatch Will Not be Ready in Time for Sept. 9 Event


Last week, Re/code made claims that Apple would be unveiling a new device, likely the iWatch, which would support both HealthKit and HomeKit functionality at next week’s media event on Sept. 9. Rumors and speculations have been buzzing around our heads for months as to what we can expect from Apple. Finally getting to see the product would be a huge burden lifted from our minds.

Unfortunately, new rumors have surfaced that Apple won’t be ready to unveil the iWatch until sometime in 2015 because the device is still in the engineering verification testing stages.

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Best Buy Now Selling iPad Mini for only $199

Best Buy iPad mini Sale

This morning, DigiTimes reported that Apple made an arrangement with Best Buy and Amazon to cut the price of the iPad mini. Upon further research, it appears that Amazon has dropped the price of the first generation model, as well as the iPad mini with Retina, by $50. Best Buy is offering $100 off of the first-generation iPad mini and the iPad mini with Retinal Display, WiFi + Cellular model.

According to DigitTimes, unnamed sources noted that Apple sold 16.4 million and 13.28 million tablets in the first and second quarter respectively. The sources believe that, in order to maintain tablet shipment status, Apple is encouraging a sale that might improve the numbers in the third quarter.

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Why Apple Rejects Apps: 11 Common Mistakes Developers Make When Submitting

rejected red square  stamp

Any developer has had an app rejected will tell you that the screening process is quite difficult. You never know how long it will take and you never know whether the reviewer will suddenly decide to reject your app. Apple recently published a new page on its Developer website to make things a bit easier with information on 11 of the most common reasons apps get rejected in the review process.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Share One Computer with Multiple Devices


In less than two weeks, Apple is going to (hopefully) unveil a new line of iOS devices, probably the new iPhone, and thousands of people are going to join the iOS ecosystem. If you are reading this, you are probably already an iPad owner and have an iTunes account on your desktop or laptop that you use to sync and backup your device.

If there is a new Apple member in your family, or will be in the coming weeks, that does not have a separate computer, you don’t have to force him or her to use your iTunes account. There is a way to set up separate accounts on one computer. You can even set parental restrictions for your children who have just recently talked you into buying them their first iPhone.

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Apple Actively Investigating iCloud Celebrity Photo Hacking

Find my iPad iOS 7

It is clear that famous people have more exciting iCloud Photo Streams than I do. If my account were to be hacked there is no chance at all that you would ever hear about it. When Jennifer Lawrence has nude photos hacked and posted online, however, there is an appropriately large investigation into the scandal and Apple has announced they are looking into the possibility they were taken from her iCloud account.

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