Analyst Says Sapphire Glass iPhones are Unlikely this Year

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It’s stronger and more scratch resistant, but it looks like sapphire glass needs more time time before it is ready for prime time on a large scale. Rod Hall, an analyst at JP Morgan, told investors that sapphire glass is likely to be released as an iPhone display, but not in 2014.

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New iPad and iPhone Rumored to Include Reversible USB-Side Cable

Reversible USB Cable Sonny Dickson

When Apple first announced that the Lightning cable for new generations of iOS devices would have a reversible connector, the tech world was excited. Personally, I was a bit disappointed. Sure, a cable that can be plugged into the iPad either way is nice, but I have a harder time with the USB end. My ports are on the back of my computer and I’m always trying to cram them in the wrong way.

This week, rumors are swirling that Apple is making a new cable that has a reversible USB and Lightning connector.

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Pokémon Trading Card Game is Finally Coming to the iPad

Pokemon TCG iOS

Over the weekend, games writer Josh Wittenkeller tweeted a picture of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) being played on an iPad. Wittenkeller was on site at the Pokémon World Championships in Washington D.C., which took place Aug. 16 and 17. The game looks like it will be a port of the online version currently available on Mac and PC.

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Apple Commercial ‘Misunderstood’ Wins an Emmy


At a time when tech companies like Samsung and Microsoft are releasing commercials that put down iOS devices in order to make their own look better, Apple is busy releasing commercials that win Emmy awards. About a year ago, Apple started a series of campaigns that highlight the iPad and iPhone. Some of them are informative. Others are creative. “Misunderstood” is emotional.

Misunderstood tells the story of a teenage boy who seems to be spending too much time on his iPhone around the holidays. While the family is building snowmen and trimming the tree, the boy’s face is aglow with the bluish hue of the iPhone screen.

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Steve Jobs and Other Apple Directors Sued for Anti-Poaching Scheme

Evidence of Apple's Anti-Poaching Collusion

Evidence of Apple’s Anti-Poaching Collusion

In May, Reuters reported on a settlement between Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe with former employees who claimed the companies were involved in an antitrust violation, this one involving an anti-poaching agreement. Last week, Gigaom reported that the ruling judge in the case, Lucy Koh, rejected the proposed settlement, stating that it was too low. At the time, Gigaom noted that Judge Koh called former Apple CEO Steve Jobs as a central figure in the alleged conspiracy.

This week, we are learning that an Apple shareholder is now suing the company, current CEO Tim Cook, and the estate of Jobs.

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Archie Comics App Offers 100 Free Comics, Subscription-Based Archie Unlimited

Archie Comics 3

Famous comic book teenager Archie Andrews has been around (and a teenager) for more than 70 years. The first issue of “Archie Comics” came out in 1942 and the main series, as well as dozens of spinoff series, has been going strong ever since. You can still pick up “Archie Digest” and “Betty and Veronica” at most neighborhood grocery stores. However, tracking down early issues is nearly impossible. The Archie Comics app makes it a whole lot easier with thousands of titles dating all the way back to the early days and leading up to the most recent issues.

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Gameloft Launches New Candy Block Breaker, No Tango Account Required

Candy Block Breaker 4

Last June, Gameloft launched a fun little Breakout style game that required users to have an account with Tango. Sure, the free messaging service is a great thing to have, but not everyone wants or needs it. Those non-Tango users were left in the dust until this week when Gameloft launched a version of the game that doesn’t require any sort of sign in.

Candy Block Breaker is a Breakout style game that features some pretty adorable graphics. There is a candy-munching warthog-like fuzz ball that bounces from a platform covered in foliage. The bricks he breaks are yummy candies that look like they might have come from your grandma’s hidden stash. When you bust open the hard shells, sweet treats will sometimes fall from the sky and give extra points.

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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Mega Man X

Mega Man X 1

Mega Man dates all the way back to 1987, when the big-booted jet pack-wearing hero saved us from Dr. Wily for the first time. The game turned into a series, complete with spin-offs and ports galore. In 1993, Mega Man morphed into a second series called Mega Man X, in which about a dozen additional titles were made.

The first in the spinoff series, Mega Man X, launched on Super Nintendo (SNES) in 1993. Now, 21 years later, it is the sole Mega Man title available on the iPad.

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Apple Reprimands Thai Official for Leaked Tweet of Upcoming ‘iPhone 6’

iphone6concept-nano2The media are always spreading rumors about upcoming Apple products, whether it is a leaked photo, purported specs, or claims of delayed production. It happens all year long and Apple never comes out to deny or confirm any of it. However, a recent leak from Thailand’s secretary of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) Takorn Tantasith brought an Apple representative out of hiding with a polite slap on the wrist.

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JetBlue Aims to Improve Customer Service by Giving all In-Flight Crewmembers iPad minis


You may have noticed when you order a drink during a flight that more and more airlines are moving toward the use of digital technology to allow you to pay for it. Instead of requiring cash only, JetBlue crewmembers will soon be able to charge your drink order using an iPad mini.

JetBlue’s new premium service, Mint flights, which is offered to travelers between New York and Los Angeles, will be some of the first to use the iPad mini technology onboard. By April of 2015, all crew members across the airline will be using the device.

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