PadGadget’s Sound Stage: Nearly App Yamaha Music Apps Go Free

Yamaha Logo

One week ago, I noticed that some of Yamaha Corporation’s music recording and sequencer apps had dropped in price to free. There was more than one on sale, which caught my attention. Upon further inspection, I realized that nearly all of the company’s originally paid music apps are now free. I don’t know if the sale is temporary, or if Yamaha is throwing the towel and making its content free, but you can take advantage of whatever is the cause of the discounted apps right now.

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Apple to Release Public Beta of OS X Yosemite with Powerful iOS Integration

266 Yosemite

iOS has been a game changer for Apple and as the devices which run it become more powerful, iOS hasn’t started to look more like OS X, as some surmised would happen, but just the opposite with OS X clearly looking more like iOS with each version. If you are an iPad owner who still uses Windows, however, then OS X Yosemite might be a substantial reason to finally take the plunge into an Apple computer. Our mobile devices are at the center of our lives and Yosemite has the potential to make our Macs the best iOS accessory ever.

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout Launches Today in New Zealand, Midnight in U.S.

Modern Combat 5 5

The next installment in the most popular first-person shooter (FPS) series of games on iOS has just hit the market. Android-based device owners in the U.S. can already download Modern Combat 5 from Google Play. The New Zealand App Store launched it earlier this afternoon, and reports are coming in that U.S. residents will be able to download the game by midnight. Depending on your time zone, it might be available as early as 10:00 p.m. tonight.

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Apple Follows Up on Denial of Backdoor Vulnerabilities with Explanation of Questionable Services


Security researcher and iOS forensic expert Jonathan Zdziarski caused a raucous at Apple headquarters earlier this week when he spoke about his belief that the iPad maker has intentionally included undocumented surveillance services that potentially allow the government and criminals access to your most private information.

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Despite Drop in Sales, Apple Confident About the Future of iPad

iPad Air

Yesterday, Apple revealed the fiscal third quarter results for 2014. Sales of iPad units have drop below analysts’ expectation, but still remains strong in the market. During the investor’s conference call, which took place at 3:00 p.m. PT, Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked that he was “bullish” about the future of the tablet market and the iPad has plenty of room for future growth.

During the conference call, Cook recognized that, although sales of the iPad met internal expectations, they fell short of what analysts were hoping for during the third quarter, a traditionally slow portion of the fiscal year.

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Apple Announces 3rd Quarter 2014 Results – iPhone Sales up 12.7% While iPads Sales Sink 9.2%


The third quarter is traditionally a low-performing one since many tech fans are waiting patiently for Apple to launch the next-generation gadget, which traditionally launches at the end of the fourth quarter. Today, Apple announced third quarter results for fiscal year 2014 and the numbers are lackluster, at best.

Apple exceeded revenue across the board from the same period last year in all categories except iPod and iPad. The iPad performed lower from the same period last year and from last quarter. Unfortunately, Apple appears to be experiencing stagnation when it comes to the tablet line. Too many people are waiting for the next big thing.

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PadGadget’s DIY iPad Project Spotlight: Comic Book Themed iPad Stand

DIY Comic Book Stand 1

In honor of the San Diego Comic Convention that is taking place July 24 – 27, we’ve got a very simple DIY iPad stand that uses up those old 1990s comics you have stored in a moldy box in your basement. You know they are worthless, since no one wants to collect comic books from that decade. So, why not turn them into something you do want?

This project comes from an Instructables project by DIYer and comic collector tbarklay. His post involves “5 Cheap-as-Free Things to Make from Old Comics.” We are focusing on the iPad stand, for obvious reasons.

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New iPad Gadget and Compatible App Renders Anything in 3-D, Anything


Tech startup Occipital recently successfully funded a camera that attaches to the iPad and takes 3-D images of objects. It, along with the compatible app make it possible for you to turn anything into a 3-D object that you can then upload into a cloud storage and use for video game avatars, 3-D printing, and more.

Using the Structure Sensor, users scan every angle of an object in order to stitch them together to create a virtual 3-D object. The itSeez3D is an app that reads the information from the Structure Sensor and processes it into the desired object. The captured images are then uploaded to a 3-D compatible cloud storage, like Sketchfab, so they can be used for things like video game avatars, 3-D printer models, and more.

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Apple Releases Statement Denying Backdoor Vulnerabilities


Yesterday, the tech world was abuzz with news of security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski’s Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE/X) talk. At the conference, Zdziarski claimed to have discovered undocumented surveillance mechanisms that essentially leave a back door open for Apple, the government, and criminals to access non-diagnostic related personal information.

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Rumor of the Day: Apple Designing 30 Percent Thinner ‘iPad mini Air’

iPad Mini

A very sketchy rumor has filtered through the pipeline today suggesting that Apple is in the process of designing a new version of the iPad mini that will be 30 percent thinner than the current model. The same report also suggests that the iPad Pro is on track to launch in 2015.

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