iPhone 6 NFC Feature Restricted Exclusively to Apple Pay

11 Apple Pay2

When Apple announced its upcoming Apple Pay feature, it quickly became clear that the service required a near-field communication (NFC) chip, which doesn’t exist in any currently existing iOS device. Sure enough, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will come equipped with NFC technology, something Apple has resisted for years. The Apple Watch will likely include the same chip since it is also compatible with Apple Pay.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Update to iOS 8

iOS 8

This Wednesday, Apple will make iOS 8 available to the public for download. Thanks to a few technology tweaks a few years ago, Apple has made it possible for users to simply tap “Download” in order to update their devices to iOS 8. However, nothing ever goes as smoothly as that. Apple’s media event and the preorder launch of the iPhone 6 is evidence enough for that.

We’ve got some tips for how to smoothly transition from iOS 7 to iOS 8 with as little problems as possible. We’ve also got some advice for what to do if you do end up having problems downloading the big update.

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The Apple Watch Will Make Your iPhone So Much Better

Apple Watch Sport

Apple’s upcoming wearable computing device is called the Apple Watch, but it is so much more than just a timepiece. It promises to bring a more intimate way to connect with people, an easier way for you to communicate, and interactivity with your iPhone unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The Apple Watch requires an iPhone to function, but Apple has good reason for such shenanigans. It is because the Apple Watch is meant to compliment the iOS ecosystem and make mobile computing more convenient than we could have imagined.

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Apple Lets You Return U2’s New Album

13 U2

In a publicity stunt surely meant to impress rather than offend, Apple gave away U2’s latest studio album last week to everyone with an iTunes account. They didn’t just offer it to everyone, they placed it into each account as if it had already been purchased and that didn’t sit well with everyone. Honestly I’m not sure why, except in the cases where automatic downloads are turned on and ‘Songs of Innocence’ popped onto peoples’ phones.

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The Future of Apple Watch Accessories is a Vast, Untapped Frontier

Apple Watch

Apple devices are universally recognizable, but incredibly individualized. Every mobile device, as well as desktop and laptop computers, can be customized, personalized, and accessorized. The Apple Watch will be no different. It is simply a matter of figuring out what users want to do with their wearable technology. We’ve got some ideas for what we’d like to see in the future.

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Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple for Copying Galaxy Note, Forgetting Their Patent Infringement Problem

Samsung vs Apple

Another Samsung advertisement has surfaced recently. In it, the company makes fun of Apple for being late to the game with the larger sized screen. The first Galaxy Note, which has a 5.3-inch screen, came out in October of 2011. Samsung notes that Apple is three years behind when it comes to the larger screen. They are right about that, just like they were right about Apple taking its time launching a smaller sized tablet.

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Apple Announces Record Preorders for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Top Four Million in First 24 Hours

iPhone 6b

Last week, Apple opened up preorders for its newest model of iPhone. Within a few hours, reports were coming in of massive shutdowns and online load errors that didn’t really clear up until the wee hours of the morning, at which time the iPhone 6 Plus was already backlogged with a delayed shipping date. This morning, Apple announced a record number of first day preorders, which explains why the company was having so much trouble online.

According to Apple, preorders of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hit four million in the first 24-hours, which is the biggest in Apple history. The company had a certain number of devices prepared to ship for launch day. However, preorders far exceeded expected demand and many customers will be waiting until mid October to get their iPhone shipped.

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iPhone 6 – Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade

iPhone Comparison

Last week, Sam gave his expert advice on why upgrading to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is a good idea and who it is a good idea for. Today, I’ve got a different opinion on the matter. For the first time since my first iPhone, I won’t be upgrading to the most current model after my contract is up. The biggest reason is size. However, there are a few more reasons that pushed me into the decision to wait.

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Communicating Using the Apple Watch

12 Apple Watch Comm

The Apple Watch looks pretty amazing but it is still just an iPhone accessory and as such will take some getting used to in the way you use it along side your phone. Apple is framing the Apple Watch as an extension of the iPhone experience and this is probably the best way to think of it.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited 5

Old Spidey is back and ready for a new adventure. This time, the multiverse is taking action against the Sinister Six, led by the Green Goblin. Also this time, Spider-Man and his other-dimension selves are running for their lives in a free-to-play title with a twist.

Spider-Man Unlimited is a free endless runner style game that actually has an end. That is, players reach an end goal for each level instead of simply running the distance.

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