Apple May Be Integrating Beats Music into iTunes Radio, What About Subscribers?

Beats and Apple

Yesterday, TechCrunch dropped a pretty big rumor bomb on the tech world by claiming that Apple plans to shut down Beats Music, the company it paid $3 billion for earlier this year. Within the hour Re/code published a response stating that Apple won’t be shutting the service down, but instead may consider “changing the Beats Music brand.” That sounds like pretty much the same thing, to me.

From both TechCrunch and Re/code, it sounds like the future of the streaming music service called “Beats Music” is in flux. It may mean the service will simply act different than it does now, or it may mean that the brand will dissolve entirely or be folded into iTunes Radio. What does seem to be sure is that, eventually, Beats Music will change.

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Early Benchmarks Showcase iPhone 6 Improvements

19 Benchmark has released some early results from its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus testing as a precursor to a full report coming soon. The iPhones did very well and even though they didn’t win most of the categories, it is safe to say they dominated the results. Additionally has rated the iPhone 6 Plus screen “The Best Performing LCD that we have ever tested” which is high praise considering Apple hasn’t been in the forefront of screen innovation for a number of years.

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PadGadget’s iPad Tips: How to Add Widgets to Notification Center in iOS 8

Widgets in iOS 8 4

By now, there have been at least a few hundred apps that have been updated for iOS 8 with dozens of them including the iOS widget feature. You may have noticed some of your productivity apps touting their ability to be seen at a glance in Notification Center. However, if you don’t add them, you won’t see them. We’ve got a quick tutorial to help you get those widgets onto your lock screen so you can perform actions with your apps without having to open them.

The widgets allow third-party apps to send content to Notification Center in iOS 8. Users can then pull down from the topmost portion of the screen to see what is going on in Today view, and even interact with some apps. For example, Wunderlist allows users to check off tasks that were listed in the to-do widget.

All apps that have been updated with the feature are already sitting in the Today view of Notification Center. However, they are hidden until you manually add them to your list.

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Apple iPhone Smashing and Bashing

18 Smash

We all love to see just how durable our iPhones are and videos are already popping up of them being dropped and smashed, both accidentally and on purpose. These videos are pretty sad, but also slightly entertaining and certainly a relief that they didn’t happen to me.

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AppleWatch Said to Pack 4GB for Storage, Need Nightly Charging

Apple Watch 2

When Apple first announced its upcoming line of watches, one thing that was left out of the spec list was RAM and storage capacity. It is pretty clear that Apple still has a lot to work out before telling the world what the new device will do. One persistent analyst tracked down some information that may be true. At least, it sound reasonable. The Apple Watch, according to some in the supply chain, will come with 4GB of storage and 512MB of RAM.

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Apple Reportedly Adding HomeKit Features to Apple TV


Apple’s newest mobile operating system comes with more new features than we can possibly cover in one afternoon. We are also finding out on a daily basis what unmentioned new activities we can accomplish thanks to iOS 8. One of the new software development kits that Apple made available is HomeKit, which allows third-party developers to create apps for smart hardware that can be linked with the iPad and iPhone so users can perform such tasks as turning off lights and locking doors. Forbes recently claimed that Apple TV now has access to HomeKit, as well.

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Apple Tops ‘Coolest Brands’ List, Making it a Three-peat for the Company

Apple Valuable Brand

Another round of valuable branding surveys have hit the street. This one is from Britain-based CoolBrands. According to the company’s research, Apple – for the third year running – has topped the list of most valuable brand. Right behind the tech giant is luxury carmaker Aston Martin, followed by Nike in third place.

CoolBrands’ survey, which is made up of 2,000 British consumers, as well as 37 trend-setters, showed that, of the top 20 ranked brands, 13 of them stayed in the running while the likes of Twitter, Prada, Adidas, and the BBC’s iPlayer all fell out of the ranks.

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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Set New Record with 10 Million Sales

iPhone 6b

This past weekend saw the launch of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. From the long lines that were reported around the world, it was clear that Apple’s newest smartphone would be a big deal, and it was. This morning, Apple released the numbers and the combination of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales set a new record for weekend launch sales.

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This Week’s App Store Editor’s Choice: Plunder Pirates

 Plunder Pirates 5

Ahoy there, matey. It is time to hit the big blue and explore new lands, invade pirates’ lairs, and build the most awesome hideaway ever. If you’ve ever wondered how fun it would be to set sail on a pirate adventure, this game will give you a taste of the wildlife, but also remind you that there is work to be done.

Plunder Pirates is a building game that allows players to create the perfect pirate island. Mine for gold, brew grog, and recruit pirates willing to travel far and wide, taking what they want in every port.

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AppleWave Joke has Expensive Consequences

17 Wave ad

Wouldn’t it be great if you could charge your iPhone in a matter of seconds using something we all have in our homes? An amazing new feature of iOS 8 called AppleWave has flown under the radar this week but it is now getting the attention it deserves. Supposedly you can put your iOS 8 updated iPhone in your microwave to perform a quick charge that lasts all day long. Too good to be true? Yes and it is important that you NEVER microwave your phone.

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