Tim Cook’s Open Letter on Customer Privacy

16 Security

A lot has been discussed about Apple and privacy this month and Apple CEO Tim Cook wants you to know that they are taking your privacy very seriously. In a letter posted on Apple.com Tim explains that personal data is never collected or used for marketing and that they don’t treat us as their product, which is clearly a reference to companies such as Google, Amazon, and even Facebook.

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Two-Step Verification Officially Protects iCloud Ahead of iOS 8 Update

 iCloud 1

Early this morning, Apple sent out notifications to users of two-step verification for iOS. The email provided users with information regarding updates to the double-security feature. Starting today, two-step verification protects all data stored in iCloud. If you haven’t already, now is the time to activate the feature.

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Warning: iCloud Drive for iOS 8 May Cause Document Syncing to Fail on OS X Until Yosemite Release


Read this article before you download the iOS 8 update. According to a handful of developers, and detailed by The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), iCloud Drive is not compatible with OS X Mavericks and earlier desktop operating systems. So, basically, if you upgrade to iCloud Drive during iOS 8 installation, you may lose the ability to sync all of your iCloud documents on your Mac.

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Apple iPad Launch Event Rumored to Happen in Late October

iPad Air 2

Big surprise. An unnamed source familiar with Apple’ plans told AppleInsider that the company is planning another media event in mid-October. I could have guessed that. Apple’s previous two iPad announcements have taken place at the same time. The fourth-generation iPad was announced on Oct. 23, 2012 and the iPad Air was announced on Oct. 22, 2013. I’ll go one step further and predict that Apple’s iPad event will be on Oct. 21 this year.

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It’s Time, iOS 8 is Now Available for Download


Apple’s newest mobile operating system is officially ready for download. If you don’t know what to do, check out our how-to guide. Hopefully, you’ve already back up your iPad and iPhone ahead of time.

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Patent Shows Glimpse of Alternate iOS Interface

15 Dump Patent

In 2010 when the iPad was new and the iPhone was already fairly well established, Apple was hard at work figuring out how to improve and innovate with the iOS interface. Patent No. 8,839,150 titled ‘Graphical objects that respond to touch or motion input,’ describes a system that handles files and folders in way that is similar to OS X but with some unique features such as size / mass correlation and motion based transfer.

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Apple Watch Apps, Stock and Third-Party, That will be Ready at Launch

Apple Watch Apps

Apple’s upcoming wearable computer will come stock with a handful of apps, many of which we’ve already told you about. However, by the time the Apple Watch is finally available for sale, not only will Apple have a large number of apps available for us, but many third-party developers will be on board, as well.

A patient and detailed reader recently posted on MacForums all 64 apps that were quickly shown off at Apple’s Sept. 9 media event. There are 23 Apple apps and 17 third-party apps, plus a slew of unidentified apps that could be ready for launch in 2015.

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Tim Cook Says Apple’s Not in the Business of Making Money from Consumer Data

Tim Cook Charlie Rose

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently participated in an exclusive interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose. The first in a two-part interview had Cook speaking with Rose on such topics as iPhone sizes, competing companies, and new products. During the first half, which aired last Friday, Rose questioned Apple’s stance on consumer right to privacy. Cook made it very clear that Apple doesn’t want your data and you should question what others are doing with it.

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PayPal Slams Apple’s Security Over iCloud Celebrity Photo Hacking

PayPal Advertisement

Well, we were wondering when it would happen. Apple’s recent connection with the theft of celebrity nude “selfies” via iCloud was sure to put the iPad maker in the hot seat at some point. PayPal appears to be the first to use the issue against Apple. Apparently, the online payment service feels a bit threatened by the potential of Apple Pay.

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iPhone 6 NFC Feature Restricted Exclusively to Apple Pay

11 Apple Pay2

When Apple announced its upcoming Apple Pay feature, it quickly became clear that the service required a near-field communication (NFC) chip, which doesn’t exist in any currently existing iOS device. Sure enough, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will come equipped with NFC technology, something Apple has resisted for years. The Apple Watch will likely include the same chip since it is also compatible with Apple Pay.

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